Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Two Monkeys can't sell Bananas"

I had met  this guy Joo from New York, who had relocated down
here(Baltimore) to try the Maryland thing! You know get a fresh start, see if he could have the success a lot of other New Yorkers have when they migrate down south! Things were going good for him in Baltimore, he  had a nice wife and a new born but I guess for some people, old habits are hard to break(Drug Selling)! He had got a apartment over there on McClean blvd and Perring Parkway(Northbrook)! We met one day in passing and he started off light talking me up, letting me know that he had or could get weight and variety in Marijuana! I in return let him know I wasn't interested in the Weed but I told him I knew some Crack Heads and if he could get me some Coke it would be no problem to move it for him! To myself at the time the proposal sounded good I could sell Crack on the side and smoke my profits! Doing it like that I figured I'd be able to hold onto some money I normally spend using Crack and if I could stay on top of my discipline, make some extra money on the side!

So Joo told me he'd be going up New York on thursday and he'd be in touch with me by friday or saturday so I'd be able to get a start on things by friday or saturday! So about friday around 5pm I recieved a call from Joo telling me to come around his house cause everything was straight(Drugs had arrived)! I came out their to get the package and then I could try and make some moves! So I get over there and he has a half onze of powder coke! Already I'm like I need this rocked up! So he asks can I rock it up turning it into crack or do I know someone who could! I tell him yeah just to make him feel comfortable and he give me the coke and I tell him I'd  give him a call on monday to tell him how its going!

As I'm walking up the street I'm feeling good! Having that much cocaine in hand isn't bothering me at all(temptation to use)! I had been worrying a little all week how I'd handle the temptation! I'm really focused and trying to do the right thing! Subscribing to the reality of you can't smoke coke and sell coke at the same time! Up in the next court, I knew lady named Toni who lived in that area. She kept a lot of smokers at her house and she'd probably be able  to cook it up for me or put me on to someone who would be able to! I knock on the door at Toni's house and she's happy to see me! She's older than me, like forty five but she's still got it in all the right places, you'd never guess more than thirty/thirty five! She was light skinned, long natural curly sandy blonde hair with real pretty eyes and lips! I came in and we caught up a little! She asks me if I have or wanted to get anything(Crack)! Cause she has the house to herself and she would mind hanging out with me!  I'm exited like someone with a secret cause when she see's what I have she's gonna freak! So I pull out the bag from inside of my jacket! She says, "Is That Real" I'm like,"yeah!!!" She's like your gonna have to rock that up or shit sell it as powder and they can rock it themselves! She asks me how good it is? I tell here that I just got it and I haven't tested it yet! So she say lets do a line or two so we can see what we've got! So we get out  a hard piece and and smash it up with a credit card then chopped it down into six lines! She gets a wide Mcdonalds straw and some scissors cut me a piece and herself a piece! I go down and do a line as it goes down my throat and lungs it good I get a rush of pleasure instantly! It feels real good! Toni goes down and does a line she comes right back up like damn this shit is good, who did you get this from!!! I don't tell her the whole deal but just some of the outline and she says she figure that it had to come from somewhere cause its hard to find powder or good powder at all in Baltimore Latley! She trys to convince me to only cook up a 8 ball at a time cause some people might be interested in buying it raw so they can stretch it  themselves being as the quality was so good!

She does another line and she's up high and cooking!!! She's happy and perky too, this shit is good! She gets the coffee pot, some baken soda turns on the stove and she's off! I'm a little worried cause I'm not sure about if she actually knows whats she's doing or it's the cocaine talking! She measured the coke into the pot, adds about 1/3 amount of baken soda, with just enough water for it to float! As she cooks it she jabs at the oily base that begins seperate so she keeps stirring it to begining to form and resemble crack! I have to watch her closely she keeps tasting the coke from the coffee pot walls, like a kid licking cake mix from a mixing bowl! I know the temptation but if  she keeps licking I'm gonna be a gram or two short! She's sexy though in her little shorts and tank top Shaking her ass and dancing to the radio as she cooks up for me! She gets a cold water picture from the fridge and drizzle a little cold water into the coffee pot and the substance begans to harden inside the pot! She spoons out all of the coke onto a coffee filter so it can dry! Suddenly she puts her arms around my neck and start to dance with me! Pushing me back again the counter slow grinding her hips against me as she makes steady eye contact! She looks real hot right now! I wonder how far this is going to go cause I'm turned on and she's looking real good right now, as she slides her hips back and forth up and down against mines! She turns around now rubbing her ass cheaks up and down against me! She can feel that I'm fully interested as she finds my interest and places it between her ass sliding up and down on my exitement! She turns around and gets a rubber spatchula then skims all the remainder of the drying Crack from inside the coffee pot! This is a woman who knows her way around a kitchen! She then gets out a small step later and gets down from on top of her cabinets two Crack stims! She's flirting and smile with her eyes as she asks me do I want to test the crack she cooked for me out! I take some of the wet crack off of the spatchula and load both stims! I can tell by how it looks while it's drying, it's already going to be good! It's coming back white flacky and shimmery vs biege and chalky, which means it's mostly Cocaine and not baken soda! I ask her for a lighter she's like baby we can hit off of the stove! Ok sounds good to me off the stove top! I lean over the stove to take the hit and boy did I get a big blast with the heat from the stove!!! The stove heat excelerates the speed and the volume of the hit! It uses up the Crack fast, but it's nothing like it, SHEW!!!

She takes her Hit from the stove and now she's got me by the hand leading me back to her bedroom! She's ready, she comes in the room and strips down fast! Then crawls onto the bed looking over her sholder at me in Doggystyle! She looks so sexy and her pussy is pretty! As she tells me to come on, she's ready and she wants to be fucked! I get out of my clothes fast, putting on the Magnum and climbed behind her on my knees as I held around the waist from behind!  Her hair is pretty like a Puerto Rican bombshell or Bi racial beauty! It naturally spirals and twists like wet and wavy! She gasps as I slide inside of her slow, she closes her eyes and tosses her hair over her neck and sholders onto her back! Her red butter pican skin is so sexy and her pusy is wet as I slide in and out and out her! As she curls her lips, clinching her face and pussy walls at the same time, while she grasps the brass bars of the day bed! I reach around and grasp her breast from behind, burying myface into the back of her neck pressing the side of her face against the wall fucking her slow, forcefull and steady until SHE SCREAMS OUT IN PLEASURE!!! She cums, while I'm holding her their tightly! Her bodys relaxed against the wall now as I fast fuck her orgasmed weak  pussy and hips until I reach her in cumming!!!

Now we lay  together side by side in bed, covered from the waist down as we bag up the Crack! She tells me I've really made her night! She didn't have anything planned and the house all to herself! She asked what made me come over there? An if I had previously thought of her in a sexual way! I said you just struck me as someone who was close by, that possibly could cook and not that I thought I was going to get it(pussy) or I was trying to get it! I'm happy I did and the pussy was good!!! Then there's a loud knock at the door and her phone rings while we try to get some clothes on! It's our first customer of the night!!!    

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