Saturday, March 31, 2012

"You've just been served"

    Its really fustrating to have alot of money and no one is willing to sell you drugs! Your not from that neigborhood or you look too clean where no one will be willing to serve you. So for all you complainers about drugs or you can't imagine why all they do is chase drugs. Sometimes chasing drugs is alot harder that it looks.
   The funniest one to me is when they say they want to see you hit the pipe or use the drugs right there in front of them. Cause after a couple of hours of shopping around for someone who recognizes you, so you can get served, your like,"No problem got some Crack give it here sure I'll smoke it in front of you"! It's funy though cause there watching you the whole time like your going to bail out at the last minute, like"You got me I'm the police,I can't smoke this its Crack" or your going to attempt some advanced under cover agent move, fake Hit the Crack Pipe or something! It gets wild and their have been some times where after going through or before going through a barage of "Come on fellas ya'll know me" tests, I'd be like "fuck it"! Then after seeing your true fustration they'd usually call you back like "how much you want?" You say, "Give me a hundred", Now this dude trying to give you his Availabiliy, SSN and Some More Shit! Even the ocassional, "And if I'm not out here just tell'em you know "TJ" and they'll hook you up"! Ok so, Just hit the pipe on demand and its all good or hold your pipe up to your car window? This is a clear indication that your street safe certified to be sold drugs! It gets wild and you wonder how dealers/friends get locked up over dumb shit!

   Sad part is now I'm known and I don't get refused anywhere in Baltimore. People even ask me why I stopped working at certain places where alot of my co-workers used? Because, alot of my co-workers used! Your always afraid their indescretion is going to blow your anonimity on the job! I've even become so familiar my dealers they do house calls! So now when I decide to get clean I gotta erase all of my phone numbers of dealers and fellow users, so it won't be as easy to relapse. Normally the first night you really want to get high and you regret erasing those contacts! But sometimes somethings small like that can get you through another day clean/not using! Plus if you keep the numbers your lying to yourself, if your serious about being clean, why hang on to old numbers? So I use to could not get Served, Now I fight everyday not to get Served and You just got Served!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

"Bonaparte ave & Aiken st" "Juggs Out!!!"

    You hear stories about when people were getting money, from Teckwood, Hanover Place, Magnolia Projects! Well on Bonaparte and Aiken st. I seen it with my own eyes and smoke it with my own lungs, these Dudes had a Beast down there and had so much of it they was practically giving the Crack Away for Free! Brown Juggs size viles filled with Crack for two years straight! Had the whole Harford road going crazy from Dusk to Dawn! I stumbled on this Strip/Trapp by accident one night just driving around looking for something(drugs) and wound up changing my Brand of Crack!!! I'd been in that area before, I would always see girls walking the track(prostitution) around there, so I figured something worth while must be close by but I didn't have a clue!

    So I turned up Aiken about a block down it was like New jack City out there,Night of the living Base Heads, A Mcdonalds late night drive through after a club lets out! 2am 3am 4am 5am 6am they was out there Rockin and the Fiends was coming and exiting from all four corners of the block! They had to be doing anywhere from $15-$40 thousand a day and night! It was constant and it opened my eyes to how many people was smoking crack and put aside their anonimity to come down there and possibly run into someone they knew, went to school with, work with, church with, even family memebers! These dudes had the best deal in town and I never saw to many police! With a 24hr strip/trapp though, I'm sure the police got discouraged too!

    It was like "THE WALKING DEAD" out there! An if it was slow(no customer traffic) then that just ment the neighborhood was out of money, You could'nt exuast these dudes supply! I don't know how they ran into this connect(supply of drugs) but the had alot of coke/crack and was filling up these Jug style viles! Sometimes it would be a rock so big you couldn't even get it out! You'd have to save it to you got home to get the rock out with some tweezers or something! The coke was pure they say crack is fleeting but these hits stayed with you a little while. It was good, strike your lighter take a hit you could taste the Sweet coke aroma in your mouth instantly knowing it was good! Then one day two year later it was all gone! Same guys, Different product, Smaller packaging? Go around there its still jumping 24hrs a day! It never died. Dealers and Crack still come and go but it ain't been the same since "Juggs out"!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"My Redneck Relapse"

     I had met this girl from Austin TX via a Internet dating site. She was up here staying visiting her family in Westminster and at the time I found her so charming! I hadn't been getting high for about three months so I had some money saved up! Shorty and me had been E-mailing each other a lot and speaking on the phone sometimes and I had begun to liked her a lot! She had this Houston(Swisher House) like accent and southern charm, I was so with it! Ultimately I went out to Westminster to see her! I rented a Charger, got fresh, my wardrobe was O's Hat, O's color Air max Skyline, V-neck white-T fitted, I'm built (I know contrary to most crack heads) and some fresh Medium Blue Gap jeans! They weren't skinny jeans but they were fitting! So to all y'all thugs the girls love it(a lot of Eye Drops)!

    So anyway I show up at the mall that her farther had this furniture store in. As I'm walking through the mall ain't no black people out there but all the white boys thuged out! So the only thing different about me than them is my skin color but everybody is still looking at me strange. That's some real social commentary for you. I know all these older white people don't think their kids just started dressing like this on their own!

   So I get to the store walk into the back and I see some customers looking around shopping. Then I see this little thick brunette in a Denim outfit with a long pony tail, rosie cheeks and a little cute turned up nose. She's sexy and thick but not what I expected at all. So being as though I'm a black person, she knows I must be the guy she's been corresponding with! She looks over her shoulder winks and mouths, wait one sec! As I'm listening in as she assists customers, she has a smooth syrupy southern draw to her speech and she a slick sales person too, kind of like one of those Rip Off  Used Car Salesman you see on TV! I'm with it though, I can see now why some people are attracted to Red Necks, it's kind of hot! So she get a minute and comes over to me leans over a dresser showing her cleavage smiling and in that accent says,"Now what can I do for you sugar!" If you don't know already I'm hooked and if I had any reservations, I am now on board!

    So after the customers leave we go in the back, she had a little make shift office with a desk, microwave, daybed, table and they' made walls with stacked inventory boxes for privacy. It's a little maze so you are kind of surprised when you finally get back there and see everything! She also had a refrigerator back there filled with all these snacks and junk food, It was a whole bunch of snacks and junk on top of it too(This bitch had more snacks than Baby D)! On the real fast though as we went back there, I saw her do a slight of hand move real quick! Picking up a mirror from on top of the desk and putting it in her office desk draw! I let it slide, I really couldn't make out what was on the mirror and before I could think about it she on my lap with that big country ass, taking off my hat breathing hot on my ears, neck and stroking my head as she tells my how cute she thinks I am! So y'all know me, that mirror is on my mind but I got some clean time under my belt so I'm cool but now my curiosity to use has been pricked!

   We're making out and its getting hot and heavy and in the back of my mind I'm thinking what about the store she doesn't even seem to care? So she starts to undo the my belt pulls my pants and boxers down and just starts to give me head right there on the day bead looking up at me making eye contact to see if I'm pleased. It's good too, she knows exactly what she's doing, it feels just right(the Goldy locks zone). Just as I'm about to relax and Cum, she turns on the store surveillance monitor and says, "hold up I gotta get some of this!" Stands up take off her jeans and panties, so we talking about Nike runners, ankle socks, sweet thick 4'11' white ass, Clean Pussy(Mr. Miyagi), a tight white V-Neck T-shirt,  no bra and a Denim jacket with sleeves rolled to her elbows. I know it's trailer park but It's got me ready to Fuck! She says, "watch the store monitor for me why I get some of this dick!" I'm turned on more by  how direct she is now than anything else! She straddles me as I sit up on the day bed and begins to go to work just trusting that pussy and ass back and forth on my dick! Her ass is so big I can see it doing work from around her body! She's got a big midget ass! She got mad rhythm too just working the dick squeezing it with her pussy as she rides me up and down, she's loving it! I haven't slipped out once, I just get out, "I'm about to cum" she says, "wait" and very alertly jumps down to her knees between my legs and catches me all over her cheeks, lips and mouth as she lick up and sucks down the rest! For me to be the average man I'm lucky and fun doesn't owe me nothing! Megan Fox once Tweeted," She doesn't believe in luck, she believe in God"! I'm sorry Megan,This is a lucky sinners story, you can't put the kind of fortune on God! Then again why in the Fuck am I explaining myself to you anyway! Talking bout you know God? When your career is a PG13 T&A temptress! Don't get me wrong Megan, I'm a big fan but "Stay In Your Lane!"

     Now shorty is laid across my lap ass naked and gooey! She's sexy and she's wore her little pussy out this morning! I'm like damn,"You look tired" She like, "you couldn't tell, I Just Busted A Big Old Nut, I need a minute!" "What's a matter?" with a smile, "you don't like my face in your lap anymore?" I'm good that's the best fuck I've had in a minute! I feel good, relaxed and drained all at the same time!

    A minute goes by and she gets up sits at the desk opens the draw pulls out that mirror that I thought I saw earlier and it has a hard glass like substance on it! I'm not stupid and she's from the southwest that must be Crystal Meth! She said, "that's why I got sent up here to get away from this." I had gotten bad in Texas, I stopped working and going to school,I even tricked with dealers a few times. Then I got locked up for credit card fraud! 18 months later, three weeks out the pen and your the first guy I fucked! I didn't realize how horny I was until I seen your print in those skinny jeans! I say, "They aren't skinny jeans" She laughs,"Then what the fuck is they then, Skinny enough jeans?:-)" "Cool out Baby I'm just fucking with you!" She says, then she goes on to tell me the 4&1/2 oz bag of Crystal she had was stolen from some Biker lesbians she was fucking with when she was in prison! She didn't consider herself a lesbian but admits it gets boring in jail and some of the chicks had "Swagg pumping out their Ovaries!"  So they trusted her too much not knowing her back ground thinking she's a innocent girl they turned out in jail! Now they got the broad fresh out the pen and she's hanging out of her own free will, then she runs off with a 8th of a Kilo of their Crystal Meth! I know them bitches is somewhere in Texas hot, but like Project Pat says, "If you trusting Hoes in this game You's a Damn fool!" She said, "today is the first time she's used since she's had the stuff." Didn't have the urge to use but could bring her self to throw it away. With all the excitement and enthusiasm of meeting a guy after 18mths she says she broke the pack open this morning and started sniffing! Couldn't stop so she brought it to work and now here we go!

    She chops down two big lines and breaks me off a skinny line,telling me how pure it is and I should take it slow since I've never done Crystal before! She takes the straw and inhales like a 1/2 gram size line all to her self and stands straight up geeking, walking around on her heals, toes not even touching the ground! I'm a little worried if this bitch dies I'm "Far from home" like the movie! She comes down and I get too comfortable pulling out my Stem(crack pipe), Her eyes get big and she says, "I thought you've never done Crystal!" I reply, "I don't!",She looks puzzled, as I load stem with meth, strike the lighter and look back at her before I take my hit and say, "I DON'T, I SMOKE CRACK!!!!!!";-)  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"The last time I felt this Way"(Intro to Frita's Crack House)

   The last time I felt this way I was drunk and lonely! It was very easy to give into my addictive personality. I was drinking with my cousin and Dale. We had that Samuel Adams Spring Ale and some Salenac Cojac, the conjac pushed my over the edge and I wanted to bring together everything with a little Crack Cocaine! Some Crack Cocaine at   the time, I was sure was going to get me exactly where I wanted to be and I'm sure it does! My problem is I can't ever stop until its over!

  With all that said and done a few minutes and a taxi ride later I'm at Momma Frita's House. Momma Frita is a 58yr old crack head who has heart trouble and is addicted to crack cocaine. I use to love getting high with Frita it was like home but lately she has hit a low spot and this shit is bringing out the worst in her. She's on  no ones team but her own. I didn't have a lot of options so I went back to what was familiar and here I am.

   I knock on the door "who is it?" in a raspy voice "It's Pipe Talk", "Oh its Pipe Talk open the door"! I come in it Frita and one other girl a innocent looking woman in her early thirties. She says she's never gotten high but she is flirting with curiosity. I know the look, I remember when I was that person and why Else would you be in that situation. It's like a woman stopping to give a pimp a piece of her mind, If your not a whore and it doesn't apply then why stop in the first place? So we all introduce and Frita drops down on the couch "So whats up Baby?" Me, "Trying to get something, Is Doug upstairs?"  She screams up at the top of her lungs like Crack is legal, "DOUG DOUG, PIPE TALK DOWN HERE AND HE TRYING TO GET 5 20'S!" Damn its almost 3am Frita could you try being a little more discreet! Doug comes down a cool little thick dude with dreads "What's up P how have you been?" "Your in luck, I got some good shit right now!" "How many you want?", " Five" He pulls out his sack light green bags, it looks good, crystallize hard white crack you can see its pure! The twenties are packed fat with barely enough room to close the bags. He slides them into my hands and scurries back up stair, I don't know why that's his deal but he's always in and out!

   So I pull it all out on a Cd cover and break it down the middle! Frita's my baby 25 for me and 25 for her straight down the middle! Frita takes hers and gives the new girl a hit! She loves it and is in awe of the feel! "Oh my God Frita I didn't know it felt like this,is this is what it feels like, I didn't know it felt like this" she says, " This feels  good and I wants some dick" You know me and so does Frita, I'm about to pull my dick out and start caressing some breasts but Frita puts the breaks on that shit quick fast! She tells me this dealer Jeff has his eyes on her and me fucking her would fuck up the business of her crack house! I know to the sane sober mind it sounds of absurd but I guess it is what it is and besides Frita's blocking is on 100,000 trillion!
So I scrape the razor across the Cd cover about a fourth of the 25 piece load up the end of my stem, Strike my Bic lighter, put it to my lips, light the pipe, a sizzling crackle of the Cocaine as I inhale the crack smoke slow as it clouds up this inside of the Crack Pipe! Hold in the smoke as long as I can, because I don't want to miss a thing(Aerosmith;-)! Boy this shit is good as I exhale, I'm high as shit! "Yo Frita!!!" "Do you know that White Girl's number who's been running around with Andre?" 

Friday, March 23, 2012

"A Night at Nates house"

   I had got off work and I was living downtown around Baltimore & Highland town. I wasn't really desperate to get high, I just wanted to have some fun, and I still liked that feeling of how crack flutters over your soul, tickling your heart like butterfly wings! It was still fun, It was early fall not cold outside yet. I was riding around in my car near Linwood and Baltimore st. I seen this little dude looking like he had some(Crack), before I spotted him it was dead out there, a fucking ghost town! So I roll up on the dude and he's like," What's Up?"  Me, "I'm looking for some Ready, you working?" He doesn't seem suspicious as he looks in his pocket and comes back with two twenties(2 $20 bags of crack). I'm happy and relieved but at the same time nervous and want to get the deal done soon as possible. Because its hot(swarming with police & agencies) as shit around there! I beat a case around there dealing before, two wanna be "Lethal Weapon" detectives from PA., working as Baltimore cops, watching me through night vision goggles! They asked me as they arrested me, "was this a open air drug market" My reply was," is it!" It's 3am, 30 degrees, and its like 30 of us out here on a single lane one way block,"what do you think?" Anyway back to the story at hand. I get the Crack and drive off, went to check the quality, broke the bags and tasted it. Shit I got burned, they're not Crack Rocks they 're real rocks! Speaking of  "Lethal Weapon" I was channeling my Mel Gibson! As I Spun back around the block and pulled up on the curb with the door swinging, I jumped out on the dude like I was the Knockers(under cover Cops), jack the dude up and slamming him on the hot hood! He was like,"I ain't got nothing,I knew you was the police!!!" I'm like " I know you ain't got nothing literally and I'm not the police" Slinging him in the front seat,"Get the Fuck in the car!"

   He tries to get Buck(angry,exited)"fuck you what mean you ain't the police,let me out the car!" I'm like, "Yo chill the fuck out, you burned me, so what, do you know where some Crack really is?" "I have money take me to your connect and lets have a good time!" He says," that's what up. I know definitely where we can go!" 5 minutes and 3 blocks north of Orleans street and we're on this cool quiet block of N. Bouldin st. The house looks cool enough, we knock on the door and a older light skinned woman comes to the door. They don't look like they're to happy to see this dude and they look suspicious of me! He begins to ad lib "Come on let us in he's cool, he got money" She hesitantly lets us in, She enquirers," whats up with y'all", Me, "I'm trying to get something" Her, "Some What?"  Me,"Some ready" She smiles and shakes her head,"You don't even look like you get high" "Give me a minute" and she goes down the basement. BantEye, the guy I'm with, with the $40 he never returned to me runs upstairs "She's got you, come up when you get straight!"

   She comes back upstairs with a Ziploc bag full of yellow twenties, I pull out $200, like give me ten of them,"Yes Crack Cocaine can get expensive fast". So I cop and say "thanks" First lesson in this addict game she says,"Baby don't ever thank me for drugs" I never forgot that! She says you don't have to leave you can go upstairs with Nate and BantEye, make yourself comfortable" Thanks, she glances back at me, "now what did I just tell you", "My Bad" I begin to climb the steps!!! Walking past each door is like a red light district each door not fully closed! Maybe they don't care, maybe they're just advertising! Sometimes you see some fucked up shit but this shit was jumping! Every door a sexy thick or half naked White Girl, smoking coke or freaking! I gotta get with BantEye first but I'm sure I'll be coming back! I get to the room and I see Nate and BantEye! Nate comes over and introduces himself. He's a tall slim older Black Man with smooth coco skin, very warm and friendly! You immediately like him, he's very inviting and comforting like a Grandfather! We go through all the familiars, who are you?, who's your family?, what brings you out tonight? Then the Million Dollar Question, Where do you Know BantEye from? BantEye immediately looks uncomfortable! I put it straight out there, "He burned me and I caught him and we made deal, so he brought me here!" Nate with no pause,"Well he brought you to the right place, Ain't that right nephew?" motioning towards BantEye! BantEye says, motioning towards me,"You know that's right, that's why I brought him here, that's what I told him!"

    I sit down, Nate gives me a mirror and I began to slice open the bags, dumping out the bags I see Nate and BantEye getting very excited out of my peripheral vision as I pile up the Coke!  I got five more twenties and I don't want to be bothered once I get started! I cut the pile in half. A whole half for me and I split the other half  between Nate and BantEye. BantEye runs straight off  he says,"I'm going to fuck with one of these white bitches!" "Whats up with you, you want me to get you a bitch?" Then he was gone down the hall! Nate's like, "OK, you good son, I'm going down stairs for an minute, make yourself at home!"

   I load my stem up, fill up the whole tip(snowball), get my lighter out and take my first hit, as I think about everything I went through tonight! I exhale the Smoke and it hits me "WWWEEEENNNN!!!!" I'm high as shit, heart beating fast as shit, huffing and puffing, breathing hard! Feeling strong and invisible! Damn what a rush, now I do wish I had one of those girls I passed in the hallway to keep me company! Then she comes through the door! "You Pipe Talk? Nate said you was looking for some company!" She said her name was London and she was a sexy white brunette about 5'1". She says "can I get a hit first?" I'm like, "go ahead".
She hit the pipe and with no breaks gets straight freaky! "I am a oral specialist your going to,well all men love my head and once you get some you won't even want this pussy!" She strips down, though her clothes were a little bummy, she had on a brand new pink and black Vicki's set with guarders and knee highs! Thinking to my self  Damn!!! I'm in the right place! She drops to here knees takes her bra off and and looks up at me with sexy green eyes my Dick has been hard! Her titties are nice pink bouncy and perky! One breast has London tattooed on it, she ties her hair back and starts to go to town on my Dick and Balls! She's everything she advertised herself to be! Slow long strokes with those sexy pink lips and tongue! Then out the blue she just stops real quick holds my dick up and studies it to herself, looks up at me and say Damn you have a nice Dick, gives me a "Oh well" look, opens her hot wet mouth wide licks her tongue out smiling, leans her head back and gets right back to her business..... 


Thursday, March 22, 2012

"One good night of many bad ones"

   I was working at a restaurant where Crack was very available but I never wanted to cross that line. It ultimately got crossed but it was unilaterally cross. War on terror term for you! I hadn't even imagined getting clean at this point. I'm very young in this but at this point I was an infant and I didn't even know. The game does get deeper than you'd ever want to go or should go.

   So I get off work and I walk down to some crack heads house I met before but it was nothing happening, they weren't there and I hadn't known them to long so I didn't think much of it. Even though the monkey was still on my back, I was good but his grip was increasing! I knew where to go and cop, York road but I lived about a mile and a half away and I didn't want to walk this far that night! Being that fresh I still cared about things like getting caught copping(buying drugs) and not desperate enough to walk that far both ways yet!

   Coming back down Loch Raven Boulevard, about to turn into my apartment complex I can't believe my eyes. I see a hot young freak right on the corner. Looking real desperate and you don't see that  type of thing out in the open around there! She was very sexy too, Red nice titties phat ass curly little natural and she was trying to go! I knew I had the deal she couldn't refuse! Most Niggas wanna fuck for five or ten dollars. Lose your self respect and get your ass wore out for one or a half a hit! I got twenty for you, I'll split $80 with you once I get going! I don't want nothing from you but for you to call your connect(dealer) and somewhere chill to smoke but make sure its good and big!

    20 minutes later we're back at her house, its cool her son lives there he's about fifteen and unsupervised! Got two young white girls with him they up in his room experimenting! I remember them days, hopefully they'll make better decisions than me as life goes on, but you never know! Me and shorty out in the living room talking waiting on the call. She's sitting in a dining room chair while I sit across from her on the couch. She's trying to tempt me sexually, see where my head is at? Legs wide open and hand down the front of her pink biker shorts playing with her pussy as she tries to make eye contact with me! Then she just comes straight out with it, "You don't like pussy?" Like a straight  lame, I'm all caught off guard and tripped up "Yeah!! I like pussy! Why do you ask?" She says, "Cause I know you see me over here playing with it and you ain't said or did nothing yet" "Either your scared or gay!". Immediately," I'm not gay". She says, "Well why don't you bring your sexy self over here and help me play with my pussy"! I get excited begin to stand up and the phone rings! Its him, the connect, he's outside!

    Coming outside it's summer time and its nice as shit outside! Down the steps a silver Lincoln town car early nineties model. We walk down and sit in the back. A Rick Ross type is driving and the passenger knows me. Its this white girl from my old way, we partied together a couple of times! She's mad excited to see me too! Last time we hung out I got her high and fucked her until she went to sleep, Good times! She's sexy too, couldn't even tell she gets high by looking at her! Clean cute as shit, naturally curly auburn hair and a nice personality too. I'd love to hang out again but she's in his car and I'm at shorties house? So she goes in for her boy though,"Reese this my peoples from down Baltimore and Patterson, Hook him up!" He gives me a gram and a half for $75. We on, I say my good bye's and thanks to shorty, then me and the other shorty go back inside the crib!(The house)

     Now before we got in the door, shorty has her shit together she pulls out two fresh stems and some copper Brillo better known as a rose and some chore boy! She brings me a mirror and a razor while I'm breaking down the first half gram I should be able to bring back ten nice dimes($10 crack pieces) off of each half gram. while I'm chopping  she finishes putting together the pipes. I slide her over five dimes, she puts a nice size dime on the pipe strikes the lighter and hits the crack! As she hits the stem I can hear it crackle and  it smells sweet so I know its the bomb! She holding it in as she climbs out of here chair and straddles me, then she tries to kiss me, I turn away like hold up! She grabs me around my jaw puts her lips to mines and gives me a big shot gun! Woo it is good, I'm high and horny as shit all at the same time!

      I pick her  up and take her over to the couch peeling the spandex pink biker short and tank top off of her. Her body is amazing, sexy ass, red skin, thick ass thighs, hips and nice cup sized  breasts maybe a small D, but they're like rocks standing up by themselves! I gotta take a lick she's sensitive and easily turned on! My tongues got her going wild and her pussy is getting very wet ! I get out a magnum and dick her down good! Turn her around and start going crazy pounding her out good from behind until she cums, then her back got weak, legs started to quiver and collapsed under my weight after the orgasm. Then she rolls around and wraps her legs around me and asks me do I have a girl friend? "I say no and why?" She Says, "Cause you got some good dick" with a smile, a gasp of relief, and a little giggle!

    She gets up buck naked, damn that sweaty silhouette looks so good in the twilight. Walks over loads up both stems, walks back over, sits on my lap and lights it for me! It's my first whole hit to myself! I take the slow big hit all to myself! I hold it in as long as I can and I exhale. My hearts is racing, I get a enormous head rush and wave of euphoria! I'm stuck a little, damn this shit is good, I even drool a some! She ask me if I'm OK, as she take a hit exhales. Now I'm coming around, she lays me back setting me up for reverse cowgirl position with her back on my chest, reaching playing with my dick between her legs! Yeah, she can feel it I'm ready! I reach around her frame, cupping her breasts with my hands! She stretches holding a yawn of pleasure inside of herself but I know what it means she like how I touch her and its back on again......