Friday, March 23, 2012

"A Night at Nates house"

   I had got off work and I was living downtown around Baltimore & Highland town. I wasn't really desperate to get high, I just wanted to have some fun, and I still liked that feeling of how crack flutters over your soul, tickling your heart like butterfly wings! It was still fun, It was early fall not cold outside yet. I was riding around in my car near Linwood and Baltimore st. I seen this little dude looking like he had some(Crack), before I spotted him it was dead out there, a fucking ghost town! So I roll up on the dude and he's like," What's Up?"  Me, "I'm looking for some Ready, you working?" He doesn't seem suspicious as he looks in his pocket and comes back with two twenties(2 $20 bags of crack). I'm happy and relieved but at the same time nervous and want to get the deal done soon as possible. Because its hot(swarming with police & agencies) as shit around there! I beat a case around there dealing before, two wanna be "Lethal Weapon" detectives from PA., working as Baltimore cops, watching me through night vision goggles! They asked me as they arrested me, "was this a open air drug market" My reply was," is it!" It's 3am, 30 degrees, and its like 30 of us out here on a single lane one way block,"what do you think?" Anyway back to the story at hand. I get the Crack and drive off, went to check the quality, broke the bags and tasted it. Shit I got burned, they're not Crack Rocks they 're real rocks! Speaking of  "Lethal Weapon" I was channeling my Mel Gibson! As I Spun back around the block and pulled up on the curb with the door swinging, I jumped out on the dude like I was the Knockers(under cover Cops), jack the dude up and slamming him on the hot hood! He was like,"I ain't got nothing,I knew you was the police!!!" I'm like " I know you ain't got nothing literally and I'm not the police" Slinging him in the front seat,"Get the Fuck in the car!"

   He tries to get Buck(angry,exited)"fuck you what mean you ain't the police,let me out the car!" I'm like, "Yo chill the fuck out, you burned me, so what, do you know where some Crack really is?" "I have money take me to your connect and lets have a good time!" He says," that's what up. I know definitely where we can go!" 5 minutes and 3 blocks north of Orleans street and we're on this cool quiet block of N. Bouldin st. The house looks cool enough, we knock on the door and a older light skinned woman comes to the door. They don't look like they're to happy to see this dude and they look suspicious of me! He begins to ad lib "Come on let us in he's cool, he got money" She hesitantly lets us in, She enquirers," whats up with y'all", Me, "I'm trying to get something" Her, "Some What?"  Me,"Some ready" She smiles and shakes her head,"You don't even look like you get high" "Give me a minute" and she goes down the basement. BantEye, the guy I'm with, with the $40 he never returned to me runs upstairs "She's got you, come up when you get straight!"

   She comes back upstairs with a Ziploc bag full of yellow twenties, I pull out $200, like give me ten of them,"Yes Crack Cocaine can get expensive fast". So I cop and say "thanks" First lesson in this addict game she says,"Baby don't ever thank me for drugs" I never forgot that! She says you don't have to leave you can go upstairs with Nate and BantEye, make yourself comfortable" Thanks, she glances back at me, "now what did I just tell you", "My Bad" I begin to climb the steps!!! Walking past each door is like a red light district each door not fully closed! Maybe they don't care, maybe they're just advertising! Sometimes you see some fucked up shit but this shit was jumping! Every door a sexy thick or half naked White Girl, smoking coke or freaking! I gotta get with BantEye first but I'm sure I'll be coming back! I get to the room and I see Nate and BantEye! Nate comes over and introduces himself. He's a tall slim older Black Man with smooth coco skin, very warm and friendly! You immediately like him, he's very inviting and comforting like a Grandfather! We go through all the familiars, who are you?, who's your family?, what brings you out tonight? Then the Million Dollar Question, Where do you Know BantEye from? BantEye immediately looks uncomfortable! I put it straight out there, "He burned me and I caught him and we made deal, so he brought me here!" Nate with no pause,"Well he brought you to the right place, Ain't that right nephew?" motioning towards BantEye! BantEye says, motioning towards me,"You know that's right, that's why I brought him here, that's what I told him!"

    I sit down, Nate gives me a mirror and I began to slice open the bags, dumping out the bags I see Nate and BantEye getting very excited out of my peripheral vision as I pile up the Coke!  I got five more twenties and I don't want to be bothered once I get started! I cut the pile in half. A whole half for me and I split the other half  between Nate and BantEye. BantEye runs straight off  he says,"I'm going to fuck with one of these white bitches!" "Whats up with you, you want me to get you a bitch?" Then he was gone down the hall! Nate's like, "OK, you good son, I'm going down stairs for an minute, make yourself at home!"

   I load my stem up, fill up the whole tip(snowball), get my lighter out and take my first hit, as I think about everything I went through tonight! I exhale the Smoke and it hits me "WWWEEEENNNN!!!!" I'm high as shit, heart beating fast as shit, huffing and puffing, breathing hard! Feeling strong and invisible! Damn what a rush, now I do wish I had one of those girls I passed in the hallway to keep me company! Then she comes through the door! "You Pipe Talk? Nate said you was looking for some company!" She said her name was London and she was a sexy white brunette about 5'1". She says "can I get a hit first?" I'm like, "go ahead".
She hit the pipe and with no breaks gets straight freaky! "I am a oral specialist your going to,well all men love my head and once you get some you won't even want this pussy!" She strips down, though her clothes were a little bummy, she had on a brand new pink and black Vicki's set with guarders and knee highs! Thinking to my self  Damn!!! I'm in the right place! She drops to here knees takes her bra off and and looks up at me with sexy green eyes my Dick has been hard! Her titties are nice pink bouncy and perky! One breast has London tattooed on it, she ties her hair back and starts to go to town on my Dick and Balls! She's everything she advertised herself to be! Slow long strokes with those sexy pink lips and tongue! Then out the blue she just stops real quick holds my dick up and studies it to herself, looks up at me and say Damn you have a nice Dick, gives me a "Oh well" look, opens her hot wet mouth wide licks her tongue out smiling, leans her head back and gets right back to her business..... 


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