Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"My Redneck Relapse"

     I had met this girl from Austin TX via a Internet dating site. She was up here staying visiting her family in Westminster and at the time I found her so charming! I hadn't been getting high for about three months so I had some money saved up! Shorty and me had been E-mailing each other a lot and speaking on the phone sometimes and I had begun to liked her a lot! She had this Houston(Swisher House) like accent and southern charm, I was so with it! Ultimately I went out to Westminster to see her! I rented a Charger, got fresh, my wardrobe was O's Hat, O's color Air max Skyline, V-neck white-T fitted, I'm built (I know contrary to most crack heads) and some fresh Medium Blue Gap jeans! They weren't skinny jeans but they were fitting! So to all y'all thugs the girls love it(a lot of Eye Drops)!

    So anyway I show up at the mall that her farther had this furniture store in. As I'm walking through the mall ain't no black people out there but all the white boys thuged out! So the only thing different about me than them is my skin color but everybody is still looking at me strange. That's some real social commentary for you. I know all these older white people don't think their kids just started dressing like this on their own!

   So I get to the store walk into the back and I see some customers looking around shopping. Then I see this little thick brunette in a Denim outfit with a long pony tail, rosie cheeks and a little cute turned up nose. She's sexy and thick but not what I expected at all. So being as though I'm a black person, she knows I must be the guy she's been corresponding with! She looks over her shoulder winks and mouths, wait one sec! As I'm listening in as she assists customers, she has a smooth syrupy southern draw to her speech and she a slick sales person too, kind of like one of those Rip Off  Used Car Salesman you see on TV! I'm with it though, I can see now why some people are attracted to Red Necks, it's kind of hot! So she get a minute and comes over to me leans over a dresser showing her cleavage smiling and in that accent says,"Now what can I do for you sugar!" If you don't know already I'm hooked and if I had any reservations, I am now on board!

    So after the customers leave we go in the back, she had a little make shift office with a desk, microwave, daybed, table and they' made walls with stacked inventory boxes for privacy. It's a little maze so you are kind of surprised when you finally get back there and see everything! She also had a refrigerator back there filled with all these snacks and junk food, It was a whole bunch of snacks and junk on top of it too(This bitch had more snacks than Baby D)! On the real fast though as we went back there, I saw her do a slight of hand move real quick! Picking up a mirror from on top of the desk and putting it in her office desk draw! I let it slide, I really couldn't make out what was on the mirror and before I could think about it she on my lap with that big country ass, taking off my hat breathing hot on my ears, neck and stroking my head as she tells my how cute she thinks I am! So y'all know me, that mirror is on my mind but I got some clean time under my belt so I'm cool but now my curiosity to use has been pricked!

   We're making out and its getting hot and heavy and in the back of my mind I'm thinking what about the store she doesn't even seem to care? So she starts to undo the my belt pulls my pants and boxers down and just starts to give me head right there on the day bead looking up at me making eye contact to see if I'm pleased. It's good too, she knows exactly what she's doing, it feels just right(the Goldy locks zone). Just as I'm about to relax and Cum, she turns on the store surveillance monitor and says, "hold up I gotta get some of this!" Stands up take off her jeans and panties, so we talking about Nike runners, ankle socks, sweet thick 4'11' white ass, Clean Pussy(Mr. Miyagi), a tight white V-Neck T-shirt,  no bra and a Denim jacket with sleeves rolled to her elbows. I know it's trailer park but It's got me ready to Fuck! She says, "watch the store monitor for me why I get some of this dick!" I'm turned on more by  how direct she is now than anything else! She straddles me as I sit up on the day bed and begins to go to work just trusting that pussy and ass back and forth on my dick! Her ass is so big I can see it doing work from around her body! She's got a big midget ass! She got mad rhythm too just working the dick squeezing it with her pussy as she rides me up and down, she's loving it! I haven't slipped out once, I just get out, "I'm about to cum" she says, "wait" and very alertly jumps down to her knees between my legs and catches me all over her cheeks, lips and mouth as she lick up and sucks down the rest! For me to be the average man I'm lucky and fun doesn't owe me nothing! Megan Fox once Tweeted," She doesn't believe in luck, she believe in God"! I'm sorry Megan,This is a lucky sinners story, you can't put the kind of fortune on God! Then again why in the Fuck am I explaining myself to you anyway! Talking bout you know God? When your career is a PG13 T&A temptress! Don't get me wrong Megan, I'm a big fan but "Stay In Your Lane!"

     Now shorty is laid across my lap ass naked and gooey! She's sexy and she's wore her little pussy out this morning! I'm like damn,"You look tired" She like, "you couldn't tell, I Just Busted A Big Old Nut, I need a minute!" "What's a matter?" with a smile, "you don't like my face in your lap anymore?" I'm good that's the best fuck I've had in a minute! I feel good, relaxed and drained all at the same time!

    A minute goes by and she gets up sits at the desk opens the draw pulls out that mirror that I thought I saw earlier and it has a hard glass like substance on it! I'm not stupid and she's from the southwest that must be Crystal Meth! She said, "that's why I got sent up here to get away from this." I had gotten bad in Texas, I stopped working and going to school,I even tricked with dealers a few times. Then I got locked up for credit card fraud! 18 months later, three weeks out the pen and your the first guy I fucked! I didn't realize how horny I was until I seen your print in those skinny jeans! I say, "They aren't skinny jeans" She laughs,"Then what the fuck is they then, Skinny enough jeans?:-)" "Cool out Baby I'm just fucking with you!" She says, then she goes on to tell me the 4&1/2 oz bag of Crystal she had was stolen from some Biker lesbians she was fucking with when she was in prison! She didn't consider herself a lesbian but admits it gets boring in jail and some of the chicks had "Swagg pumping out their Ovaries!"  So they trusted her too much not knowing her back ground thinking she's a innocent girl they turned out in jail! Now they got the broad fresh out the pen and she's hanging out of her own free will, then she runs off with a 8th of a Kilo of their Crystal Meth! I know them bitches is somewhere in Texas hot, but like Project Pat says, "If you trusting Hoes in this game You's a Damn fool!" She said, "today is the first time she's used since she's had the stuff." Didn't have the urge to use but could bring her self to throw it away. With all the excitement and enthusiasm of meeting a guy after 18mths she says she broke the pack open this morning and started sniffing! Couldn't stop so she brought it to work and now here we go!

    She chops down two big lines and breaks me off a skinny line,telling me how pure it is and I should take it slow since I've never done Crystal before! She takes the straw and inhales like a 1/2 gram size line all to her self and stands straight up geeking, walking around on her heals, toes not even touching the ground! I'm a little worried if this bitch dies I'm "Far from home" like the movie! She comes down and I get too comfortable pulling out my Stem(crack pipe), Her eyes get big and she says, "I thought you've never done Crystal!" I reply, "I don't!",She looks puzzled, as I load stem with meth, strike the lighter and look back at her before I take my hit and say, "I DON'T, I SMOKE CRACK!!!!!!";-)  

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