Monday, April 9, 2012

"The Crack House "A" Lister"

My so called Celebrity in the hood has swelled to a fever pitch these days! Where now I cannot enjoy myself in a lot of the Crack Houses of the York Rd. area! An this pisses me off because I'm a low key person not really wanting to be noticed or or bothered! Just get my crack, a chair, a corner and maybe one invited guest to smoke with! I guess the people viewing assume, I'm just super nice or something and next time if they could get the same chance, maybe I'll share with them! I'm not a sucka or a person to be used! I just like to have a good time and if I didn't ask you to come over here and join this small party, go back in the other room sit your ass back on the couch or leave! It's fucked up too but desperate people do desperate things! Your trying to enjoy yourself, their party has obviously come to a end but no one is trying to leave! OK everyone who's broke, alright it's time to get the fuck out, suck some dicks, shoplift some socks, tooth paste, soap, some shit some body might buy from y'all and let me sit here and smoke my Crack in peace! They say it's a form of insanity to do the same thing repetitively and expect a different result! Well every time I visit a Crack house in this area all the groupie like attention I get from the addicts that I've have gotten high with in the past, makes it impossible for me to smoke Crack in peace! Never the less I keep going back to these places every night after work or when theirs nothing better to get into with a feverish desire to reach the same zenith of the last great time I had! This kind of anticipation makes you venerable  and susceptible to a lot of the games played by a lot of these junkies out here! Showing up somewhere real pressed or inpatient, you can get yourself played! These seasoned junkies and they have a lot games with them too! Techniques and tricks to put you on the other end of the Crack Pipe helpless, penniless, Desperate and at their Mercy! As time goes on I begin to see it's not all about the addict addicted to the substance but some people are waiting and stalking a victim for the right opportunity! Where they can seize the upper hand and assert control over this person/victim! Now the jokes on you, you become the beggar looking for the hand out! Not your boy though, as nice as I am and as innocent as I may appear, I will get Ice Cold on your Ass! An that's not what I came for or consider a good time! So I leave Frita's and  it's on to the next house!

As I try to leave like I was explaining when I first started! All of the fiends will follow me from one crack house to the next crack house like I'm a A list Star leaving one club and being followed to the next! This is a aspect of the game I've rarely heard people speak about in these circles but I wonder has this ever become a problem for anyone else! Maybe I started this by sharing my Crack, when I have crack or money in abundance I spread it around a little! They say that you shouldn't feed strays or animals because they will always return begging! These same traits exist in desperate humans as well! It is said, God puts us in situation to practice for what he has in store in the next chapter of  our lives! Well what in the Hell is in store for me?  So I'm on my way to Andre's and Lisa's Crack House over on Midwood Ave & St. Dunstans Rd ! I met Lisa one night she was tricking and she brought me back there, it was alright but once I started to get high and in a better light Lisa didn't look as hot as she did when we were chatting under the dim street lights! I think she kind of took it personal but I glad I never crossed that bridge! So I leave Frita's with like a trail of like seven junkies following me, Frita's pissed off I drained her house! I don't even want these people following me but they insist they'll walk with me just to see what's going on with Lisa and Andre! We look hot as shit(suspicious)! A band of Gypsy Crack Heads traveling single file 4 O'clock in the Morning! Thank God we don't run into any police! I don't know what my explanations would be! We get to Andre's & Lisa's, they immediately say through their steal security gate,"Pipe you can come in, we know you got money but all these other broke mutha fucka's gotta go somewhere else"! My entourage is now pissed with me, "Yo Pipe you gone do us like this, we walked you down here and everything!" "At least give us some crack for the walk" Me, "We're not together, Y'all are the reason I left Frita's and came down here in the first place!" They say, "We're going to remember this!" I say,"In The Words of Chris Tucker, Remember it, Right it down, Take a picture, I don't give a FUCK!!!!"

So I enter the house "Thanks Lisa" she say,"I know baby all them mutha fucka's following you around 4 O'clock in the morning, that shit don't make no sense" "Where you coming from this late?" Me, "Frita's" She says, "An all them mutha fucka's followed you around here, y'all must was looking hot as shit out there(suspicious)! Me, "Yeah we was!" Before I can get any further this sexy Bi Racial girl cut in to introduce herself! She's sexy as shit real pretty with long auburn hair! I saw her with Lisa once but I was so under the influence at the time I just let her and Lisa run back out! I can feel something, we have a genuine attraction, its strong too, I think the whole room can feel it! Cause immediately the other two people in the room try to separate us! Lisa taking me to sit down by the window and Andre taking Stacey to sit on the couch! We both smile cutting our eyes at each other as we're chaperoned! With no words spoken, in this life style our looks already infer what we think to each other, once we get them out of the way! Your my Type, lets talk about this over some Crack and see where this goes!;-)  Lisa says,'Want me to call somebody or you got something?" "I was like I got something" I had caught Jeff in the kitchen when I was at Frita's. He sold me a quarter of Ready(Crack) for $180 before I left! He said while I was there, that he did have anything bagged up only 8 balls, qrts and hlfs! "I'm like well give me a quarter!" Jeff smiled, "Now don't smoke this all in one place and don't be down there sharing your shit with all them people!" Now, here I am!

Lisa gives me a mirror and razor! When I pull out the quarter they are all fucked up! It's like Christmas Even though it's quiet you can feel the intensity of how exited everyone is! I eye ball measure off a gram size giving Andre and Lisa two half grams a piece as I smile and look at Stacey who's on the edge of her seat, chin high trying to see what going on! I thought it might take more cause I've heard Stacey has become Andre's new freak bitch and he has feeling for her! My price must have been right, cause him and Lisa go in the bed room together and just say, "Stacey we going in the room Hang out with Pipe for awhile until he leave!" Guest they were in the mood to share her but not their Crack! Stacey comes over and sits beside me and says,"who and the fuck are you?"smiling, I reply"Nobody, I'm just some lame that all these crazy people like to follow around and make a fuss over!" She says the magic words! "So what's up with you?" That's code for, "I'll fuck you and suck your dick right now, if you smoke some Crack with me!" I look at her and say as I pull the quarter back out! Did you really have to ask? You saw how fast they got in between us when you first introduced yourself! Everyone could feel our sexual energy, and the tension was hanging in the room all the way until I pulled out the quarter! 

She takes out her stem, I'm seducing her with the crack! She can't tell though! I'm behaving like it's no big deal that all this crack is on the table but her mouth is watering! She's waiting for me to cut her off what I want her to have! Nudging her body as if to gesture she's ready! It's involuntary, her brain is doing it to her nervous system! I gesture back go ahead help yourself! She smiles again, " Oh that's why your so popular!" I think to myself yes, but only the sexy people! She puts a nice size dime on the pipe and leans forward as she strikes the lighter, holding it up to the pipe! I get a mild mental rush and high watching her hit it! Squirming in my seat a little as I wait for my turn! She sits back and hands over the pipe, as I start to put another rock on the pipe she says, it's good and a lots left on the stem, theirs no need to add another rock right now! Y'all know me though, I do everything to THE EXTREME! I know myself too,So before I hit this I zip up the qrt on the inside pocket of my north face jacket and put a nice 20 size glassy looking piece of the Crack on the pipe! Stacey says damn you gone hit all that! I just light my Bic, strike the crack and inhale as I watch the cocaine smoke swirl up in my stem, ghostly white potent Smoke, this is going to be good! It is, all my tensions and stress melt away, all my endorphins rush through my body! I corner Stacey and we start to make out in a corner, she's Laughing, "saying damn that must have been a good hit!" She's easy access dressed like a frat girl, sexy! Hair in a pony tail, wife beater T and some booty work out shorts and flops! I get the magnum out(Safe Sex)! Take off her shorts and see she has Red sexy shaved pussy hair! I test the waters and she's soak and wet! I go up inside of  her! As I penetrate she gasps and her eyes widen, like that initial surprise of pain look most women have while they're first adjusting to the dick! She a small girl, so I pick her up,my arms gripped under her knees as she holds around my neck and we exchange a smile again as I walk her around the kitchen fucking her! Smacking that pussy and ass with my hips until her pussy locks up! On and off, on and off around my cum pumping dick as she quenches her pussy, rubbing her forehead & face into my collar and neck as her body releases in pleasure! I sit back down still in side of her dick still spasming, she shivers each time it does! I know we Crack Boo loving!!!! She says where have you been since I've been around her? I saw you 4wks ago at Frita's! I start to slice some more rocks off! I said I'm kind of lucky with things like this, I kind of knew I'd run into you sometime! She says it doesn't have to be all about this shit(Crack) all of the time!, "You want to go again after this?" "I'm like you Already Know!!!"  Besides,(My Dick is still in You, Did we ever stop?;-)                                


Anonymous said...

I was with you until you said dude sold you a quarter for 180. Prices been up since 06'

The Relapse Diary said...

I was trying to simply express I got a deal, sorry for not fully going into detail,this was not a actual expression of current market pricing!