Saturday, April 7, 2012

"24hr Money for Drugs, Murder Robbery Drive thru!"

When alot of junkies get low on funds or the ones that don't work at all, hit the streets and do what is known as scrambling! Scrambling is stealing, daytime/night time home &auto break ins, thefts of unattended to property, purse snatching, ect ect!!! I hate this aspect of the game having your property taken, being preyed on as if your food or something for a Apex Predator to take advantage of ! It's a hurting feeling, just because you have a little more doesn't mean you didn't work hard or sacrafice for what you have! An it isn't OK for someone to take what's yours to fuel their drug habit! An when these crimes end up in confrontations with the User and Victim face to face, has been costing the Students of John Hopkin University there Safety and Lives!!!        

Currently and for as long as the Crack and Herion epedemic has been going on in Baltimore city! The sister neighborhoods of Charles Village and the Greenmount ave. have been caught up in a viscious cycle of Crime, Violence & Murder! Inside of the Charles Village ly's the prestigious John Hopkins University and six blocks away ly's the Enfamous Greenmount Ave. area! One a thriving, growing, education, cultural and art hub, while the other is a combination of every bad, violent, drug infested, broken dream hood movie you've ever seen! The conflict with these two areas being so close is over the past ten years it's enveloped into a rash of violent crimes and murders being perpetrated against the students of the John Hopkins University! I've become fustrated over the years, because of the indivual reason no one wants to connect the dots! I admit in a 85% African American city it's a touchy subject to talk about but how many children have to die before this can become a dialoge!

Ok we have Greenmount Avenue, a empoverished crime riden community with a notorious reputation for drugs! Crack and Heroin being sold all night and all day! An when the users are broke, desperate and are not ready for the party to end, right across the way, only six blocks is arguably one of the best Colleges in America! Full of students with nice things and money to take, steal and pawn to support your drug habit! The shame is becoming that alot of these confrontations are ending taking the lives of alot of undeserving young adults who are just trying to make something of their lives with school! All these murders are being looked at as coincidental! Being attributed to the over all violent nature assosiated with Baltimore Md! No this is different, it's intentional! The desperate and underlife of the greenmount ave area are consciously aware that the students of the John Hopkins area have disposable income and when its time to scramble up some money to get high, this has become a popular opinion in this neiborhood as the place to go for money and their coming to get ya'll! I know no one wants to appear racist but the junkies are in majority black and the students are white, asian and brown! The Minorities doing bad, with the other races on their way up! I believe this is where the lack of sympathy comes from! Just as bad as the stereo type is that everyone from Greenmount is a desperate, hungry, junky murderer, so is the veiw that the students should know better than to go to a nice school right in the middle of the hood or because they have something in excess its OK to take it from them! All the same it needs to be addressed! No one wants to throw the first punch! Not the John Hopkins Univerity, Not the Baltimore City Police,Not the Baltimore Media or Community organizations, Not the City Hall! An everyone gets touchy when its brought up! School doesn't want to lose money or enrollment, real estate owners don't want to take a loss on property value and the Mayor's office nor the media dosen't want to alienate any aspects of either community! A Potential and untouched powder cage, not to be lit first, but in the mean time these poor students are getting the fur tore off them!

What can you do? Can't profile or force segregation of zip codes, thats not right! I just think the students need their coats pulled a little! These are stereo types and I know in the mits of this Travon Martin incident are not popular but in the case of my city and these particular neighborhoods! You have to look at certian urban senario's as if they can be life threatening! I mean this from a defensive perspective only! Run if you have to, Cross the street if you feel on coming danger, Turn around and go the other way, Trust your instincts!  Anyone who has a problem with this is a damn fool! I'm a African American and I'm always on the defense in questionable and potentially dangerous situations! Until the potential threat shows me something different! Its always better safe than sorry! In this PC culture we put or lives at risk in the event we might offend somebody! Save that for the professional enviorments and stay alive! Charles Village students are being murdered and robbed everyday, funding a adjacent Open Air Drug Market and its not being talked about for fear of offending someones race or culture! We are way passed offending, alot of innocent blood has already been spilled!

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johnny baltimore said...

ey man, this blog is cray yo. good writing hope you get yourself some help man. but the insight from the streets is some real shit