Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Jesus Walks"

   I have no desire to get high right now but I'm not working and my moneys kind of low. I haven't been able to hold a decent job in a couple of months. I'm good at presenting myself, doing resumes,interviews but once I get the job the money and the stress or sometimes the disapointment of unrealised goals. I'm back with the pipe in my mouth. You might say I'm weak but I'm not, I've been selling my strength using over the last couple of years getting high. I could tell as soon as I started using Cocaine/Crack it was t the devil incarnated. You can feel your discipline and self esteam getting away from you with every pull or bump. You want to pull yourself together but you found an affinity for something you really enjoy(everything good to you ain't good for you)! Before you know you have a problem, your addicted. Now you can't stop if you want to. I takes something to really get your attention to stop. With me it was my girlfriend at the time, who put me out of our home for stealing her personal stash, offering me $5,000 to go to rehab. That really touched me and at the same time it put the mirror in my face(I had to take a good look at myself). I was gone, Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone, and it had been a long long time.

   So I didn't stop that day but it lit the fuse and about a few weeks later I was in rehab. Didn't know what to expect but I felt like I was on the right track. An with every step I took in a right direction God to five steps towards me. Don't trip but one time he even spoke to me. I was clean and beginning to see the reckage I had created out of my life and not living behind the vail of drugs, blinding me from seeing myself as I actually was. Well anyway at a traffic light A woman yelled out from a car "They ain't got everything, they got cars, money, family but they still want things just like you" and pulled off! I thought she was talking about the restaraunt I was working at, cause I had my uniform on and we had just rolled out a new menu that week! I'm trying to explain we got alot of new stuff, naming things off the menu. Then it hit me, God was listening. The whole walk to work, all I was seeing and was thinking about was what I didn't have. Material things,and material things aren't everything! God sent me a personal envite,so I came back home! Don't beat yourself up worrying about what you don't have and appreciate what you do have! And just live your life!!!!;-) aye aye aye aye!!!!

When I started writing this I originally was trying to think of a good street story but I'm glad this came out!

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