Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Man vs Wild" Crack Edition 3/3

When we last left off I was in a Crack induced stooper from putting to much Cocaine on a Crack pipe that already had alot of unfinished Coke on it! Crack is wild, sometimes it can hit you where your up and highly stimulated! Your up and speeding around like your at a rave and sometimes it just hits you ice cold where your just stuck, froze, a truely having a out of body experience until you come back down! As the say in crack slang, "A beam up!" Yeah, Kirk to Scottie! I was gone....

Things begin to return to focus and deep inside I have a internal fear of returning back to prison! If I get knocked for everything I'm envolved in this evening! I'll be facing 25yr no parole! Three strikes is a mutha fucka! All the same though, I don't know if it's my mind powered by crack or opitimism in my ability to evade arrest but now I'm out the trailer and my feet are on the ground! Standing between the trailers I watch the helicopter circling the rail yard with a spot light! If you read my blog I'm sure you have your opinions about my state of mind! To be honest though I realize I'm a little crazy! I'm feeling like Bear Grills from "Man vs Wild!" I'm feeling like I can pull this off!

The copter takes a long loop, like a girl playing double dutch I'm through the cars and across the tracks into the ajacent woods! The copter pans back around for another pass! I'm actually wondering if I'm tripping as to if this copter is actually looking for me or this is all some kind of coincidence! Just as I'm thinking this the copter hovers over my area and shines the light into the brush! I'm wondering whether or not heat scan technology s real and if its does Baltimore's Police department have this and I'm high as shit paraniod! So I start covering myself in damp leaves and brush to disguise my heat signature! The helicopter bugs out(leaves)! I begin to think if they made me they'll have to come in on foot! Man hunt shit and I'm sure if the Baltimore police aren't up for this. I burrow and wrestle my way through a bunch of foliage and thorns, now I'm on the train over pass bridge at Loch Raven blvd & 25th st across from the Clover land dairy. The police are definently on high alert, up and down both streets and the copter is circling! I run across the bridge and down into the dairy's train yard! The Helicopter returns flying above and spotlighting the car yard! Damn I feel like Wesley Snipes in US Marshall, this shit is out of hand and if it goes down wrong can lead to me possibly beings shot or mauled be the K9 unit! Though nervous, I'm still feeling good about my chances having made it this far!

I crawl my way up a steep incline in the direction of Kirk ave & 25th st! I come to a clearing with big boulders you can sit on. It's kind of like a camp site!  The rocks are spray painted with graffiti, I guess this is a junky chill spot! So I chill, believe the police trail has gone cold! So I could really use a hit or maybe two! My pipe is mad frosty from constantly putting fresh coke on it but not being able to enjoy it! So I cover my flame as much as I can and take a good blast! This hit me good and I feel good and relaxed! Then I look at myself, I'm all scratched up and dirty! I won't be able to make it to Toney's house or car, the police will catch me for sure! I climb down the other side of the embankment! It's a rusty bobwired fence! I'm not climbing this, oh lucky me it a whole in the fence! I guess I'm not the first person to come this way before! I squeeze through the hole! looking down the hill, I'm between the garage and the gas station next to the M&T Bank! It's hot as shit police flying in both directions and I can still hear that Helicopter!

I really contemplate trying to play it cool and walk back to Toney's place! I know I won't make it! So I just wait, bunker down and wait! Patience is truely a virtue if you can handle it! I wait in the trees and the brush, it's obvious they have no idea where I could be! I lay there on that hill watching people get gas, police circling, sweating & being eatin alive by mosqitoes! Then 2hr later I'm in a cab head back to Aiken ave & Darely ave. Toney is on the porch happy as shit to see me! "Yo, you ain't even have to do all that!" Me to myself,"Yeah that easy for you to say, you basically pointed me out", like a hunting dog! He brings me inside to his basement! Two freaks on deck, I have four dimes left and porno's on, Crack on the dresser, these girls  must have had a good night on the track! I sit down and start breaking down my bags! They ask, where did I get that crack from, they can tell it's shorties! I tell them the whole story, they say they thought so! We start smoking Crack and talking dirty and reckless about genitalia as the porn get interesting! Now they want to help me out of my dirty clothes!!!!                          


Anonymous said...

Your blog is both entertaining and eye-opening. Please don't stop.

- Fellow Baltimorean

The Relapse Diary said...

Thanks! I do wonder I'm being percieved sometimes!