Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Your on Wrong Train but, Your on the Right Crack" 2/3

So when we last left our cracked crusader! I was pulling of a abandoned Baltimore Block after taking my first hit of crack in five months! It was good too and I'm extremely high with two passengers riding along with me! Tony a former and recently reunited with crack smoker and some kid I just bought my crack from, that I some what rescued from his possible murder over a territory dispute! I didn't swing in on a wire or dodge bullets like in the Matrix but in my own Cracky way I ushered him from danger! At the same time taking advantage of the fear of his personal mortality, to get a discount on the crack he had left, before the Aiken ave & Darley ave boys made him have a going out of business Crack sale!

So me and Tony drop the kid off on Park Heights &Belvedere rd! As shorty gets out, he asks us if we're straight! I ask for Five more dimes shorty runs over to a little crowd of some of his neighborhood click and comes right back! I give him a fifty and he gives me the pills(crack) and me Tony are back on our way!

Tony talking all this crazy shit trying to catch up for lost time! Since he hasn't got high with me in five months! It's all bullshit small talk, he could care less and really we've probably only hung out ten time as a whole but every time we had a blast  figuratively and literally on my dime! Any way it gets annoying sometimes but some people just gotta talk! I cut to the chase, "Do you know anywhere we can stop and smoke at for awhile!" He says we can go back over that house on Darley ave you saw me come out of but you'll have to tip the house, drugs or money or maybe a little of both! I know the house he's talking about and the woman who runs the house is a little slow if you ask me, then add Crack to the equation and its a mess and a nuisance! You can't relax and get high like that, a greedy high on crack retarded women getting on your fucking nerves while your trying to smoke and enjoy your shit!

So we're riding east on 25th st and Tony says he knows a place and  to take a left on Guilford. I take another left into a alley of car garages! I'm a little leery, this is on of those rehabbed urban neighborhoods white people move to, to be city slickers but are always calling the police for shady stereotypes such as me and Tony! Tony assures me it's cool again so we drive half way into the alley and back into a garage of a vacant home! The spot seems cool, we take our Crack out I've got ten pills of crack now and I give Tony three! He looks kind of disappointed, but that's what I was talking about on some of my previous post. You show a little love out here and people get entitle! Like I said, I try to show love but some people can't handle it! They want more! Mutha Fucka we ain't hung in five months, I hit you with four pills and you still got your hand out! As I hit the pipe, I'm  high as shit again and Tony asks me to use my stem! He's trying to take advantage of me! Bitch ass nigga! He plays this shell game where he'll get your pipe and keep rotating the stems where he has the pipe with all the crack and you'll have the pipe with just enough to taste the coke on it! It immediately upsets me, taking me to the height of my last stretch of smoking crack! I say no, we have a short moment of argument! I tell him I just gave you a stem and four pills,what the fuck do you need my stem for? He realizes he's busted and gets back in his lane before I put him the fuck out! All of a sudden a cop car turns down the alley shining it's search lights into the garages! Tony dumb ass hits the pipe anyway and the Crack flicker is high as shit! The cop car hits the siren and bee lines towards the garage we're in! He fucks up though and over shoots us! I'm like Tony cover up your flame the cops is coming! He's trying to hold the crack smoke in his lungs for as long as he can! I roll up all the windows get out and lock this nigga inside the car!

 I'm gone running down the alley way! I stop at the corner and case the block! It's 3 squad cars circling looking for the source of the complaint call! I stoop down behind this parked car and I can hear everything, every car engine, horn and all the other sounds of the city! I wait for the right moment and began to walk up the Guilford ave going toward 26th st.! As I cross the bridge by the rail road track I see Tony coming out the alley looking all suspicious! He sees me and calls out loud for me to stop and wait for him! Just as I begin to meet him, the police pull up on him from all three directions! He's surrounded and has a lot of explaining to do! Can you believe it, this bitch is still looking directly at me! As if to say look at that dude we're together. Unfortunately for him I'm no longer there! I've climb over the gate on the 26th st bridge, shimmied my way down a trash, broken bottle, syringe and crack vile littered embankment! I look back up to the bridge I can see the police's silhouette as I take off down the tracks! Funking Tony!!!

So I'm on the tracks now anticipating a helicopter any minute! This is straight out of "Stand by Me!" So I'm trying to get as close as I can to the kirk ave train overpass as I can, just in case I've gotta run into the woods! I don't want to be lost with the police on my tale! I see a train yard or factory with some empty trailers! I scurry over and climb inside of one them. I'm very dirty, mud and grass stains all over me! How in the fuck will I be able to make it to my car is beyond me! It hits me this is the perfect spot, I put two dimes on the pipe, close the trailer door, strike my Bic & pipe and the whole trailer lights up as the crack sizzles like a fourth of July sparkler! As I inhale the cocaine smoke slow letting it reach the very bottom of my lungs! As it touches the bottoms it tickles and burns while I begin to cough but I now higher than I've ever been before! So I guess it really is, slow and steady wins the race! Now I'm high and in a great place to get high but theirs something missing! Some Ho's!!! An what's that, do I hear a helicopter hovering! Yes, oh shit their is a police helicopter searching the train yard! How and the fuck will I get out of this! Lets chill and think a minute before taking action! Five Crack bags left, I load up another 20 and hit the pipe slow and hard again, it's a lot coke built up on here, it smacks me hard and I feel great as I fall out against the wall of the trailer limp! At least if they catch me I'll be high as shit......                          

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