Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Slow Down"

When I'm out here on this Crack I'm gone! I'm totally under the influence of this substance and  possessed. As if I was under a spell or in the need of a good exorcist! Because I take that first hit off the Crack and "Pipe Talk" has just left the Building!!! It's one of the reasons why I stopped getting high in the Summer Time!

For one whole summer I was a embarrassment and a public nuisance to the York Rd. McCabe Ave. community! I want y'all Mothers, Fathers, Children to know I apologise! I was out of control and just because your community isn't the best, I saw y'all going to work, being parents and I was Out There bringing the community down further and I'm Sorry! Please forgive me for my transgressions! Now my community had drew a line in the sand! Their wasn't going to be any open air drug selling around there, The Loch Raven blvd. & Northern Pkwy area! Not that its any better or the people of my community work harder or are more refined! Its just luck I guess or the Police go out of their way to protect some neighborhoods more than others! And on the other hand between these other four corner this neighborhood is Under Siege by a Crack Gorilla War! In this square radius between these corners, Midwood & Woodbourne , St Georges & Winston , York & Winston and York & Woodbourne, this community is behind enemy lines!

My Crack addiction and induced behavior became a big part of this and ultimately leading me to some aspects of myself where I wanted to quit using drugs! The words of Dr. King has echoed through my head many of nights,"And by the way some of us act, We even lost our minds"! It always starts well but by the end day, after day, after day! Your left broke, discussed with your own behavior and ashamed of yourself!

I'd enter the neighborhood at Woodbourne & Lothian, money and ambitions of finding some good Crack! After walking about a mile to get there, once I find the Crack I want, I'll probably take a hit to get that feeling up in me and I'm out! Walking across the group home front lawn on the way to Glenwood and Ivanhoe. This is a big Crack market, I mean wide open! As you arrive it can be wall to wall Junkies and dealers! People looking at you from their windows and porches in discuss, like we know y'all don't live around here why can't y'all just leave I'll community alone! You haven't used yet but your getting close, the trance and control of Crack urges are beginning to take over you! One crew out there sell nickles or $5 bags of crack! Who can't get together $5? They'll even take $4 when traffic is slow! Late night after all your moneys spent, they can be a junkies best friend! I see someone I know or they knew me towards the end of my last being, they were fighting each other for my sales! They new I worked, they even offered a delivery service once! Can't lose a Goose with the Golden Eggs in a street bust! Candidly, I'm a lazy addict! I have a little money most times so I'll buy the Crack and want to get high so bad, I won't want to walk another five blocks to get the Crack stem & Chore Boy Brillo to make a Pipe! So a lot of times I'll hook up with some desperate soul and give them a couple of hits so I can use their pipe! I know It's lazy as shit! Give away $10 to $20 dollars just not to spend $3.50 to walk for what I need! So me and the assistant junkie of the evening are off to some covert places to Smoke this Crack! Their is a park behind Glenwood & Ivanhoe it's  real messed  up these days! No ones letting their kids play back there anymore! Them days is over, its a shame though a dilapidated needle and crack vile littered playground! Or we can go behind the house on the corner of Sheridan & Ready ave! It's a house on the corner behind Ready ave. with a tall grey wooden porch out back. You can sit back there and get high all night if you want to!

So as we sit down and load the pipe up, I give the guy I'm with two of the tall nickles to himself, so he'll relax and let me hit the pipe/enjoy my crack in peace! The Crack is white with a pink shimmer to it, they call that Fish Scale! That's some good shit! I strike my lighter and hit the Crack and inhale that sweet Crack smoke and I feel the boost immediately! I feel good but instantly my common sense and discretion comes straight to the for front! "Alright Yo I'm gone"! I'm becoming increasingly paranoid! Every infinite possibility of how I can be arrested is running through my head! I gotta go! So I'm out on Ready ave. trying to not look suspicious but I feel like all eyes are on me! I'm headed towards another creep spot behind Ready and McCabe! It's a unpaved grassy and weeded alley with only enough room to walk up. So I'll sit back here for a minute until my Crack gets low and Smoke! I take a few hits, now I worried again! Did anyone see me walk behind here, can anyone see my flame in the dark, as I've been back here Smoking Crack like it's legal!

I sneak my way out of the alley across Beaumont ave. over to another well know open air drug market York Rd & Chateau! I use to have to beg to be served around there or for the right person to know me but now I'm a permanent fixture! It's crazy how time flies while your Smoking Crack! My man T be up there he's a good Nigga ,always looking out for me and he's been lasting the longest and having the most success of any of the hustlers I originally started with around there! T only sell Twenties, It's hard and it crystallized! T says "What's up Baby"! Let me get Two twenties, "Walk down the street" he says! Couple seconds later he's right back at me, "Put that Up or in your mouth, It's hot around here"! As I exit the block I see Police ride by on York Rd, I'm not even worried. I go in the alley behind Chateau and the Cricket store, load up and smoke some of T's Crack! His bags are about as big as two stamps filled up with crystallized razor chopped flakes of Crack! His shit sizzles Hard  like fresh fries dropped in hot grease, mostly cocaine with only enough baking soda to get it to form! This shit is out of its world! I'm gone, spun, tweaking and geaking! Running all night from imaginary police,helicopters and window watchers! Between homes, alleys, yards, up and down streets! Dogs barking, flood lights,rose bushes as I keep smoking sweating and running! Four hours later I'm coming out of a abandoned house on Ivanhoe & McCabe Paranoid again High! I sit on a stoop as to look inconspicuous and I hear a loud raspy voice "Whoadie is you OK, your sweating Hard as shit, You need to come with me"! I'm meeting "Momma Frita" for the first time, the sun is rising people are coming out to go to work and I NEED TO SLOW DOWN!!!                                 

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