Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Crack Sizzles but It's Cold"

I alot of times that I behave impulsively, I wound up in situations smoking this shit! An you waste alot womens time cause while you was high, you were turned on as shit but once your high comes down your like, "Oh my God what the fuck happened to you"!!! They say drugs do change you it just brings out or lowers your inhibitians. That shit ain't necessarily true! That's that scorned lovers and enabler talk! Cause I've been there when the shit comes down, wears off, three to five blocks later and thought to myself what was I thinking when I picked you up! She looked like a Dime when I picked her up now I wanna give her a dime just to get out the car!

I be feeling bad about that shit too sometimes. Cause you telling them basically is, I fucked up and was fucked up on this shit but not so fucked up that I wanted put my dick up in you, even with a rubber on! An I've seen there faces, that shit is a blow to the self esteam! I've never had this problem but it's the male eqivalent of having a hot car, drugs and money but you look so busted a girl tells you,"Naw thats alright I'ma get high some other time! An that real unlikely! I've seen some girls ride off with some Johns, thinking the girl must be crazy and this would probally be the last time I was ever going to see her again!

Worst part is when you realise this ain't what you wanna do and you fess up like,"thats alright I changed my mind!" They get mad and don't want to get out! Start talking about all the money they prospectively missed fucking with you! Your arguing, you was looking pretty desparate and in need of a ride when I picked you up! I'll take you back but I'm not giving you shit! You can be cool or get out right now! Then the fabled, "Well can I atleast get a hit or something for my time!" Hell no do you give out sympathy blow jobs? I think not, please!

The Hoe business is just like anything else! Even hoing, either you got good merchandise that customer are interested in or you need a gimic! Sorry you put your self in this position to use and bardered but you can't even sell pussy without the right packaging! Its a cold world out here and I'm just saying it! People being used, just on these streets you don't have to be politically correct about it! Its not enough time for manners! If your money or drugs are not right they'll do the same thing to you, Treat you like straight shit! I don't hate women, prostitutes or people! So stop judging! Ya'll colder than me! Ya'll see them as you walk by them indifferent going in the Bar for drinks, playing your lotteries or waiting at the gas pump! I see them! But if your out here playing with your game fucked up! I'm not the one to Test, Cause I'll take your ass to school!!!                    

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