Monday, April 2, 2012

"The Trifling Times of Mica"

      In my outs and a bouts of smoking Crack, occasionally you run across someone who catches your eye or gets your attention. Someone you think to yourself what are they doing out here(getting high)! I'm sure they must think or I hope they think the same thing about me! With it being so many "Walking Dead" out here, when you see someone in the need of just a little resuscitation, you just want to provide a little air!

      So when I would be out on the strip(where they sell drugs) I kept seeing this sassy busy body girl coping(buying drugs)! I was always doing my thing and she was doing hers. So get to know her how I would really like to probably wasn't going to happen. Besides, I keep it moving, Cop and Bop is my motto! Jail whether you know or not, and fuck what you see on MSNBC, is not the place to be!

     One night after work downtown at the Inner Harbor I jumped on the #8 Bus headed up York Rd. feeling good about myself with a surplus of money. A good night at work, some co-workers invited me out for drinks but I decline! I wanna smoke my money up tonight. Alcohol and Sex is cool but I want to blast off, "Journey to Where only Some Men Have Been Before!" While I'm on the bus I hit Frita on the phone! I hate to wait while I'm jonesing for Crack! So I call ahead so the dealers will be there or on the way before I get there. I get off on York & Woodbourne go up inside the "BP" station, You already know Glass a lighter & some chore boy!

     Now I'm on Lothian st., knock on Frita's door, I hear loud as shit 2am WHO IS IT? "Pipe Talk" WHO? "Pipe Talk"! On the other side of the door I hear Frita's voice, "Oh shit girl that's my Baby, the one I was telling you about"! So the door opens and damn what do we have here! Its shorty, She has personality too,"Hi I'm Mica" with a smile! "Who are you"? Loud from in side the house, Frita yells, "Mica girl stop fucking around and let him in and close my got damn door!" I laugh and smile as I come in, Mica pushes me and says "Ain't nothing funny"! I think to myself I like her and she reminds me of Rhianna! She slim and sexy like TLC and she's got style too. I see her checking me out, I can tell she likes me! So now getting high is kind of on the back burner!While I'm getting settled I notice Mica is wearing Shades inside the house and its 3am! I can see bruising around her eye beneath her shades, so in this type of world I can imagine what could have happened! Its a shame but in the streets the rules are different! A out of pocket chick gone get her head combed(Fucked Up)! LOUD AS SHIT, again "Whats up Whoadie?" "come over here give Momma Frita a hug"! Frita is in her late fifties and still thinks people say Whoadie! She asks me, "You trying to get something, Want me to call somebody?" Yes that's why I called before I came! "We good, Doug is upstairs". "DOUG DOUG DOUG" "I hear you Frita be cool", Doug yells from up stairs! As he runs down the stairs! We dap up(shake hands) I get 10 Dimes and he's gone, in and out as always!

    I give Frita two and Mica two and keep six for myself! Mica plops down beside me and pulls out her stem and asks do I have a stem of my own. I say yes and they start breaking their bags down. They cut up their shit up in front of them on the glass coffee table. Doug's coke is always good and he usually sell 20's but these dimes he's got are a real nice. Mica wants to know me, asking  about my age and where I'm from! In between the conversation she fires up and hits the pipe. She does this puff puff action, in and out shit with her cheeks! She's trying to maximize the blast taking it in and out of her lungs not wasting the coke by exhaling all at once! I go to hit my shit, she tell me to wait with her finger raised and gives me a big shot Gun hit! I get kind of excited as our lips meet, so to be frosted over by the chilly rush of pure cocaine vapors. It was alright but this is not high school or collegiate, I'm a pro! I need mines right from the horses mouth! I strike my lighter taking a hit from my fully loaded crack pipe and the sweet aroma enters my mouth and tickles my lungs! I'm high as shit and I'm geeking(stuck from the hit and rocking back and forth)I'm dazed, not even in the room anymore! Just then Mica surprises me and unbuttons her shirt taking her bra off in front of me and Frita! She was a small girl but she had some big ass fake titties! Whoever her plastic surgeon was those mutha fuckers were some of his best work! I instantly woke up and came around! The cocaine takes away all of her inhibitions! Frita says that  she use to dance in Philly! A few hits later Frita's gone upstairs and we're back at the Club! Mica's now stripped down to nothing but her panties and Ugg boots giving me a lap dance in reverse Cowgirl style in the single chair as she leans back against my chest caressing and kissing my neck as we share pipe hits and shotguns! Romantic I know right!;-) As she gets on top to face me rubbing her pussy up, down and across my dick! She hasn't lost a thing from her days as a dancer! I ask her what happened to her eye! She takes off the shades and her eye is real jacked up! Its a shame!(Someone would ruin something so pretty)  She said this dude burned her(sold fake or poor quality Crack) and she was demanding her money back! His boys were laughing at him cause a girl was up in his face, like he was a sucka! So he floored her! I almost wish I didn't bring it up! It made her revisit the pain and it killed the sexual energy. Then again it didn't, it touched her, she gave me a deep and strong hug! Looked me in the eye(1 eye joke) and took my hand and began to lead me upstairs to a bedroom!!!! As we went up stairs, I think to myself that I normally like thick girls but that slim ass in those black lace panties and Uggs looked so good going up the stairs in front of me!!!
    As I walk behind her I'm smiling and giddy! Now I'm thinking  about the melody of French Montana's "Shot Caller", Shorty got potential I could be her sponsor, Met her back stage at a Summer Jam concert, Hair like Rhianna, shoe game was awesome, I could tell by her aura she want a shot caller!

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