Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Stop Murder & Smoke Crack n/a Single Bound" 1/3

I had been sneaking around behind my girlfriends back for about 6 weeks now! When I met her she was like the first intimate realtionship I had been in for like awhile, since I stoped using! I mean I was fucking a girl here and there but I actually hadn't to have anything real in awhile! She was hot too and I didn't have enough clean to be in a wild freaky sexual relationship anyway! They were saying at rehab you should give yourself like a year or maybe it was six months but they said you wouldn't be ready for all of the mixed emotion a relationship can present! An some of these feeling and emotions will trigger cravings and urges that can a recovering addict back to using their drug of choice! In a control situation that senario makes alot of since but when a hot 120 lbs brick shit house blonde with a bowe legged walk, a twisted smirk smile and big titties comes straight at you!!! I don't know what tell you!!! I got her number and was like, I can maitain her and my recovery schedule but I was lying to myself! My addiction was in control again! I stoped going to meeting everyday, stoped ready recory literature, it was just pussy in the morning, pussy in the evening! It was too soon for pussy! No man wants to admitt this to hiself but where I was coming from, pussy should have not been on the menu! The thrill of some hot acrobatic pussy was just to close to hot sizzling Crack and I wanted some! "Would you like to combo that sir?" Yes "I didn't know you guys had a Hot acrobatic pussy, sizzling hot Cack combo!" As a matter of fact I'll have two!;-)
So now after every date we go home and fuck! I'm either constantly fucking her to get rid of the anxiety I have to use drugs! By the was she was lovin it, or I'm up laying in bed cause I can't sleep! Plus she didn't have cable or internet! So I'm sexually exited watching the walls with a enormous Crack itch growing inside of me! So one night after a early sex session she says, you don't have to stay I'm going to bed early and I know your a night owl! My mind is already doing the ligistics and calculating the probability of me getting high this evening! I kiss her good buy like it's all good and I'm on a mission, like I didn't have any experience with recovery! Drove down Old Harford rd made a turn south on Harford rd and I'm on my way!

Its been five months but shit don't change in Baltimore that fast, maybe the Jugg boys got their shit back together! 15 minutes and maybe 10 blocks later I'm riding around Aiken st and Darley ave trying to find something good! I'm a monster at urban tracking! You could drop me anywhere in America and I could lead you to the drugs! I can spot the look and body languge of a user and just slowly follow them or sometimes or offer them money and they'll lead you right to who has the best and biggest shit! Police work isn't hard they've just gotten lazy, like all of these other service industries standard of quality! They'd rather just wait for someone to snitch on somebody or a anonymous tip and there parading seized money and drugs on television like they did something! Don't get me wrong I don't hate police but lately in Baltimore you can find more cocaine on the street than in Columbia, more Heroin than Afganistan and the violent culture iminating from it got or streets hotter that Iraq!!! 

I park on the corner I see this slim young dark skin kid with dreads on the corner! He had like 8 fiends around him! It was like 4 on him, 2 coming and 2 leaving! I can tell he must have the Bomb! I'm about get out the car and like three more women users walk by making eye contact going towards the dude, he's got the strip ringing! I go over and as I walk up some of the Jugg boys come up and approach him! They tell him he's not from around there and If he dosen't get gone soon they going to kills him! He tried to save face but I could tell he was terrorized! I pushed up on him and asked him what's up? He straight screams on me, "YO GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YO, YOU JUST HEARD THE NIGGAS SAY THEY GONNA KILL ME!!!" I didn't realize he was so scared, he concealed it very well! I just smiled and said! I heard them say you not from around here and I seen you doing your thing before they aproached you! Let me buy off you whatever you got left! Now if he had thirty bags, ain't no way in the world I'm gonna buy thirty bags! I just want to provoke his greed enough where he'll sell me what I want before he remembers those Guys are going to kills him! He closes the deal for me by saying,"I got seven left I'll give you all seven for $50 and a ride back over Park Heights ave. I say, I only got forty! He's like come on yo,you ain't got another $10. I'm like, "Don't even worry about it, Yo I'm gone" He's like alright wait,wait,wait yo I'll do it!

So we get in the car and as I'm about to start the engine my man Toney walks up on my window! I ain't seen yo in months. He use to be my running budy up Loch Raven & Northern Pkwy! He's like, you about to get something? I'm like shorty is about to straighten me out right now! Toney recognizes shorty! Toney says, AAAYYY SHORTY WHAT'S UP, THATS MY MAN RIGHT THERE, HE GOT SOME GOOD SHIT? It's funny but shorty loses his Mind like, "LOOK YO HERE GO THE SEVEN PILLS, NOW CAN YOU GET ME AWAY FROM HERE BEFORE THESE NIGGAS KILL ME!" I'm laughing and smiling again because he's so animated it's funny! I tell Toney to get in and we're gone! The pills shorty gave me they're nice size and the coke looks good as if the physical endorsement of all his costumers weren't enough! I put the seven pill in my mouth, I can instantly taste the potencey of the product as I stuff the bags between my gums and lips with my tounge, to avoid detection in case we're pulled over by the cops! We take off and Toney asks me do I have a pipe on me! I give him a black plastic bag, he opens it, 2 rose stims, chore boy brill and a fresh white bick! The kid is feeling better but he really want to get back over to the west side, no detours but Toney and I had other plans!;-)

So now we're driving down Kirk ave, we make a right up Bartlett ave, a right on Homewood ave and now we're on Gutman ave. It's a abandoned block behind the MTA public Bus station! I park between two abandon cars and cut the light and the egine! Shorty is mad as shit, COME ON YO CAN'T YA'LL DO THIS SHIT AFTER YA'LL DROP ME OFF" Me, I'm like be cool shorty it's been five months since I've got high but I've parked here alot of times, Toney you just watch the back and shorty you watch the front, we'll both take a hit and then we'll drive you home! I slide two dimes down from between my gums and give Toney one as I load my stim with the other! Toney gets right to it the block has no street lights the cabin of the car is bright as a camp fire! So I hurry up and hit my shit and case we need to make a quick and speedy departure!;-) It's been so long, welcome back old friend! GOOD GOD WHERE DID SHORTY GET THIS FROM!!! I can't feel or teethe, I'm out of it, semi conscious and and envoluntarily drooling on myself! YO YO YO, THIS NIGGA TRIPPIN, they shake me I come around sweating like it's summer and I'm trying to catch my breath! Now the high is coming over me, I start laughing as I start the car to pull off the block! Toney's like wait you let me take another hit! I'm feeling good now and it's been awhile so I'm high as shit, with a six month surplus of serotonin to be released! I say to Toney, "Man hurry up and hit that Mutha Fucka before I pull off the Block!!!!

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