Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Work & Play Does Mix"

Everyday as I road home from my job at a popular Belair rd. Breakfast Restaurant! I'd run down Belair rd. south all the way down to North ave. making a right, then making a left onto Patterson Park ave. It would always be these little kids out there on the corner by Lanvale st. Young teens like 14yrs to 15yrs old, but they were moving like a well organized drug operation. I just got a eye for things like this, like the "6th sense" I see Trap(drug) People! I know profiling is wrong and you should always give people the benefit of the doubt to be who they are, free from stereotypes! I'm just saying though, besides I wasn't watching the kids so much as I was watching the moves they were making! They were moving too! Posted up on the block, flagging down desperate on lookers! In that search of what they had to sell, that Crack!!! Running it like a track & field  relay team! One would make the contact telling you where to park, then another would come up to you asking how many Cracks you wanted! Then they'd direct you into a narrow alley street a on Montford ave. only wide enough for one car at a time! Then they'd return to your car  with the Crack! They had short $5 viles with enough Crack for at least two hits, depending on how much you like to load your stem with for each hit! Then they'd direct you back out onto Gay st, to North ave, back on to Patterson Park! Its a complete circle! A one stop shop Crack express lane! In my personal observation of their demeanor, these kids were good boys though, not mean or ignorant! Just taking advantage of where they were born! No different than Moon shining or Diamonds! Just getting money, selling Crack and goofing off out in front the corner store after school! In this community they're the Neighborhood boy band, all the little girls chasing them out front that corner store between Crack sales! They were Hood Stars! Only downside is you had to wait until after school for their shop to open up everyday! Only time you got all day service was when schools were closed for holidays and weekends!

So now this is my new stop off  before work and after work, everyday if I could get off early enough! These young dudes shut down the operation at least by ten pm! Then like the Soup Nazi it was no crack for you!!! There block was mostly vacant, no one lived on that hundred block of Lanvale st! So after the store closed I guess they would look real suspicious out there still slanging and I'm sure their young appearances probably didn't help much on school nights either! An if 2 out of 5 of them have parents, they'd have to be in the house by some certain time! It's hard and unsafe running a efficient system short on people! No look outs, no runners, no house person, that's cutting two many corners! Besides, they got a good thing going on and their whole lives ahead of them! Why be greedy!

So I'm on my way to work at five pm and I had been getting high all day since about twelve o'clock! Five hours smoking this shit, five o'clock comes around real fast! With a lot of jobs, where sometimes not being ready for the party to end, can make it hard to leave the party! I know I've had times where I couldn't make it to work! As Lindsey and Brittney like to put it,"I'm suffering from exhaustion!" I liked my little job though and all the people I worked with too! To a certain extent we were all losers though! Could have been doing better for ourselves but can't get out of our own ways, fucked up other opportunities, addicts, immigrants or just straight fuck ups! But we leaned on each other for support, smoking a lot of Pot in our cars between orders and had a lot of fun doing it! Until something else comes along, finishing school, get clean, get pregnant or just one day never seeing you again!

So on my way to work I go and holler at the Crack kids one more time and it's on my way to work! I was working at one of those breakfast spots in Nottingham Md area! When I showed up I broke down two of my nickle vile on a Cd case and took me a nice hit out back off work! Then I rolled down the window to blow out the smoke and relax a little! While I listened to the best of Jodeci! A Spanish dude walks by heading home whistling the melody of "Freaking You"! I get a kick out of it, music truly is universal! Taking a Crack Hit before work was a bad idea as it gets closer to five o'clock, cause I'm high and tight lipped! It's gonna be hard to work like that! So I had a bag of Purple Marijuana in my cars glove compartment, that I thought would be a good idea to buy last week , but I've been fucking with this Crack so hard lately, I forgot I had it! So I put a little nugget of the Purple on the same stem I hit the Crack out of! It's a great combination Crack & Purple must have been what it was like when Chocolate first met Peanut butter or when taco bell made the Doritos Taco shell!;-) I was feeling good, I was floating! I went up in the job smiling and bopping!(walking cool) Getting all fresh with all the girls and women I serve with, I'm like Yeah! I can see how people become full blow Crack addicts experimenting with Crack & Weed! As your addiction progresses and you don't have money for both! A addict is going to choose and most choose that Crack Cocaine!!!

So we have a new server tonight! The day time shift leader is like "Pipester your in for a dozy tonight!" They let Patricia come back so you, her and Damon are gonna be working together tonight! She knows what she's doing but before she was fired because she came to work everyday high on crack! She says she's clean but I don't know! Cause if she's clean she says,"Then I don't want to see her when she's dirty!" So they see her and call her over to meet me, and this white lady in her early forties makes a Bee Line towards me! She was speeding then stops on a dime! Like the Road Runner or Sonic the Hedge Hog and started to shake my hand feverishly! She had on these real thick cat eye glasses! It was hurting my eyes as I tried to look her in the eyes through the glasses! Then she was standing on her tippy toes looking down her nose at me through those thick glasses, as she rocked back and forth and side to side! This shit was straight out of a comic book, "Tyrone Bigums!" I wanted to laugh in her face! I held it together though! Then my supervisor just smirked at me and went home for the evening!

So the dinner rush starts, we're all their, things are going smooth, me and Damon are tripping off of Patty all night, watching her march around like a soldier marching double time, high as shit! Then what made the shit real funny was was she had on black tuxedo pants with a high cummerbund, some white socks and black ballet slippers! That shit was like Micheal Jackson on Crack! So after awhile Damon says,"Yo "P" I think something wrong with miss Pattie" I'm like "Nigga You think?!!" Damon goes on to tell me a car keeps pulling up on the side of the job when she goes on smoke breaks, then she goes insides the bathroom then comes out racing! Cleaning things up, greeting tables, talking us up and trying to convince us to give up tables we don't care for!

So I go over to her in between her table stops! Like, I peeped your whole routine with the Crack Buys! So she immediately breaks down frantic! Begging me not to tell anyone because she'll get fired if anyone thinks that she getting high again, because she was previously fired before for the same thing! I didn't expect all that besides I'm far from "A Company Man" I could care less, just pull your weight and I'm cool! I say, look how much shit did you just get! She says off of her tables, the last time the car had pulled up she got a 8 ball(3.5g)! My mind is racing now, party time ! I come straight out like, I won't tell if you share some with me! She comes back at me like, stop fucking around, you don't get high! Your just gonna turn me in or throw my Crack away! I'm like just take me somewhere I can show you then! So Damon says, he wants to run to the store for cigarettes and me and Pattie go back into the dry storage room together!

 She still doesn't believe I could be getting high! So she pulls her stem out like a mom trying to show her child that it's bad to smoke cigarettes! She broke off  a big thirty piece and stuffed it in the pipe! You probably won't be able to melt that shit! She gave it to me and was like let me see you hit this then! I take it and put it to my mouth, she tries to call my bluff more by striking this modified lighter she has for me trying to corner me as if I'll back down! The flame was like six inches high! She lights the Crack for me and I began to smoke as she watches me in disbelief! It hits me hard, I was really really high! I WAS TORE UP!!!! I fell back against the wall it was so good! I became instantly hot and sexually turned on! She ask me if I'm OK! As I began Rubbing on myself through my pant leg right in front of Patty! She's nothing to right home about, but right now she in the right place at the right time! She has a look of approval as she takes off her glasses walking towards me, she takes a scrunchie from her pocket and ties back her hair, as he begins to feel me up in the corner! She smiles and laughs while she's rubbing me up and down slowly! I'm still gone having a out of body experience almost! It's like I'm there but I'm not there! I'm just stuck in time! She's kissing on my neck, I'm high and she's got me in her clutches, she's breathing hot air while she works my neck and ears with her mouth and lips! It feels so good ! She says,"I can't believe your little baby ass getting high! As she continues the hand job through my pants kissing on me getting me hot and bothered! She isn't much of a looker but she knows how to touch a man! Just then she drop to her knee's pulling me out from inside my boxers and begins to give me head! It feels so good,she is a real freak! I can't believe it! Her lips look good on my dick! Crack Head or not, I'm getting head and high at work!!! Talk about on the job perks & bonuses! I say, "I'm about to cum Patty!" Just in case she doesn't catch! Not only does she catch, she takes my dick out her mouth and jerks it off like a fountain, giving herself a facial, smiling catching it all, then licking her lips clean! Jesus, you can't judge a book by it's cover, You may miss a friend , You may miss a lover! She stands to her feet smiling like a school girl with a crush! "Did you like that?"  I'm like, "Yeah???" She's like now that I know you smoke we can hang out anytime you want! I'm gonna go check on these tables and when I get back we can smoke some more! I'm still processing this, it all happened so fast! I'm trying to analyze and categorize everything! Coping mechanisms, I guess, I can't believe myself!  As I fix my clothes and straighten myself up! I think to myself, Fuck it, when I get off I know I will probably smoke the rest of that 8 ball with her & let her fuck and suck on me some more! What the fuck else do I have lined up! I'm not much for cliches but,"You gotta get it how you live!" or  Sheryl Crow would say, "IF IT MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!!!! THEN IT CAN'T BE THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!"                                  

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