Saturday, March 31, 2012

"You've just been served"

    Its really fustrating to have alot of money and no one is willing to sell you drugs! Your not from that neigborhood or you look too clean where no one will be willing to serve you. So for all you complainers about drugs or you can't imagine why all they do is chase drugs. Sometimes chasing drugs is alot harder that it looks.
   The funniest one to me is when they say they want to see you hit the pipe or use the drugs right there in front of them. Cause after a couple of hours of shopping around for someone who recognizes you, so you can get served, your like,"No problem got some Crack give it here sure I'll smoke it in front of you"! It's funy though cause there watching you the whole time like your going to bail out at the last minute, like"You got me I'm the police,I can't smoke this its Crack" or your going to attempt some advanced under cover agent move, fake Hit the Crack Pipe or something! It gets wild and their have been some times where after going through or before going through a barage of "Come on fellas ya'll know me" tests, I'd be like "fuck it"! Then after seeing your true fustration they'd usually call you back like "how much you want?" You say, "Give me a hundred", Now this dude trying to give you his Availabiliy, SSN and Some More Shit! Even the ocassional, "And if I'm not out here just tell'em you know "TJ" and they'll hook you up"! Ok so, Just hit the pipe on demand and its all good or hold your pipe up to your car window? This is a clear indication that your street safe certified to be sold drugs! It gets wild and you wonder how dealers/friends get locked up over dumb shit!

   Sad part is now I'm known and I don't get refused anywhere in Baltimore. People even ask me why I stopped working at certain places where alot of my co-workers used? Because, alot of my co-workers used! Your always afraid their indescretion is going to blow your anonimity on the job! I've even become so familiar my dealers they do house calls! So now when I decide to get clean I gotta erase all of my phone numbers of dealers and fellow users, so it won't be as easy to relapse. Normally the first night you really want to get high and you regret erasing those contacts! But sometimes somethings small like that can get you through another day clean/not using! Plus if you keep the numbers your lying to yourself, if your serious about being clean, why hang on to old numbers? So I use to could not get Served, Now I fight everyday not to get Served and You just got Served!!!!

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