Saturday, March 24, 2012

"The last time I felt this Way"(Intro to Frita's Crack House)

   The last time I felt this way I was drunk and lonely! It was very easy to give into my addictive personality. I was drinking with my cousin and Dale. We had that Samuel Adams Spring Ale and some Salenac Cojac, the conjac pushed my over the edge and I wanted to bring together everything with a little Crack Cocaine! Some Crack Cocaine at   the time, I was sure was going to get me exactly where I wanted to be and I'm sure it does! My problem is I can't ever stop until its over!

  With all that said and done a few minutes and a taxi ride later I'm at Momma Frita's House. Momma Frita is a 58yr old crack head who has heart trouble and is addicted to crack cocaine. I use to love getting high with Frita it was like home but lately she has hit a low spot and this shit is bringing out the worst in her. She's on  no ones team but her own. I didn't have a lot of options so I went back to what was familiar and here I am.

   I knock on the door "who is it?" in a raspy voice "It's Pipe Talk", "Oh its Pipe Talk open the door"! I come in it Frita and one other girl a innocent looking woman in her early thirties. She says she's never gotten high but she is flirting with curiosity. I know the look, I remember when I was that person and why Else would you be in that situation. It's like a woman stopping to give a pimp a piece of her mind, If your not a whore and it doesn't apply then why stop in the first place? So we all introduce and Frita drops down on the couch "So whats up Baby?" Me, "Trying to get something, Is Doug upstairs?"  She screams up at the top of her lungs like Crack is legal, "DOUG DOUG, PIPE TALK DOWN HERE AND HE TRYING TO GET 5 20'S!" Damn its almost 3am Frita could you try being a little more discreet! Doug comes down a cool little thick dude with dreads "What's up P how have you been?" "Your in luck, I got some good shit right now!" "How many you want?", " Five" He pulls out his sack light green bags, it looks good, crystallize hard white crack you can see its pure! The twenties are packed fat with barely enough room to close the bags. He slides them into my hands and scurries back up stair, I don't know why that's his deal but he's always in and out!

   So I pull it all out on a Cd cover and break it down the middle! Frita's my baby 25 for me and 25 for her straight down the middle! Frita takes hers and gives the new girl a hit! She loves it and is in awe of the feel! "Oh my God Frita I didn't know it felt like this,is this is what it feels like, I didn't know it felt like this" she says, " This feels  good and I wants some dick" You know me and so does Frita, I'm about to pull my dick out and start caressing some breasts but Frita puts the breaks on that shit quick fast! She tells me this dealer Jeff has his eyes on her and me fucking her would fuck up the business of her crack house! I know to the sane sober mind it sounds of absurd but I guess it is what it is and besides Frita's blocking is on 100,000 trillion!
So I scrape the razor across the Cd cover about a fourth of the 25 piece load up the end of my stem, Strike my Bic lighter, put it to my lips, light the pipe, a sizzling crackle of the Cocaine as I inhale the crack smoke slow as it clouds up this inside of the Crack Pipe! Hold in the smoke as long as I can, because I don't want to miss a thing(Aerosmith;-)! Boy this shit is good as I exhale, I'm high as shit! "Yo Frita!!!" "Do you know that White Girl's number who's been running around with Andre?" 

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