Thursday, March 22, 2012

"One good night of many bad ones"

   I was working at a restaurant where Crack was very available but I never wanted to cross that line. It ultimately got crossed but it was unilaterally cross. War on terror term for you! I hadn't even imagined getting clean at this point. I'm very young in this but at this point I was an infant and I didn't even know. The game does get deeper than you'd ever want to go or should go.

   So I get off work and I walk down to some crack heads house I met before but it was nothing happening, they weren't there and I hadn't known them to long so I didn't think much of it. Even though the monkey was still on my back, I was good but his grip was increasing! I knew where to go and cop, York road but I lived about a mile and a half away and I didn't want to walk this far that night! Being that fresh I still cared about things like getting caught copping(buying drugs) and not desperate enough to walk that far both ways yet!

   Coming back down Loch Raven Boulevard, about to turn into my apartment complex I can't believe my eyes. I see a hot young freak right on the corner. Looking real desperate and you don't see that  type of thing out in the open around there! She was very sexy too, Red nice titties phat ass curly little natural and she was trying to go! I knew I had the deal she couldn't refuse! Most Niggas wanna fuck for five or ten dollars. Lose your self respect and get your ass wore out for one or a half a hit! I got twenty for you, I'll split $80 with you once I get going! I don't want nothing from you but for you to call your connect(dealer) and somewhere chill to smoke but make sure its good and big!

    20 minutes later we're back at her house, its cool her son lives there he's about fifteen and unsupervised! Got two young white girls with him they up in his room experimenting! I remember them days, hopefully they'll make better decisions than me as life goes on, but you never know! Me and shorty out in the living room talking waiting on the call. She's sitting in a dining room chair while I sit across from her on the couch. She's trying to tempt me sexually, see where my head is at? Legs wide open and hand down the front of her pink biker shorts playing with her pussy as she tries to make eye contact with me! Then she just comes straight out with it, "You don't like pussy?" Like a straight  lame, I'm all caught off guard and tripped up "Yeah!! I like pussy! Why do you ask?" She says, "Cause I know you see me over here playing with it and you ain't said or did nothing yet" "Either your scared or gay!". Immediately," I'm not gay". She says, "Well why don't you bring your sexy self over here and help me play with my pussy"! I get excited begin to stand up and the phone rings! Its him, the connect, he's outside!

    Coming outside it's summer time and its nice as shit outside! Down the steps a silver Lincoln town car early nineties model. We walk down and sit in the back. A Rick Ross type is driving and the passenger knows me. Its this white girl from my old way, we partied together a couple of times! She's mad excited to see me too! Last time we hung out I got her high and fucked her until she went to sleep, Good times! She's sexy too, couldn't even tell she gets high by looking at her! Clean cute as shit, naturally curly auburn hair and a nice personality too. I'd love to hang out again but she's in his car and I'm at shorties house? So she goes in for her boy though,"Reese this my peoples from down Baltimore and Patterson, Hook him up!" He gives me a gram and a half for $75. We on, I say my good bye's and thanks to shorty, then me and the other shorty go back inside the crib!(The house)

     Now before we got in the door, shorty has her shit together she pulls out two fresh stems and some copper Brillo better known as a rose and some chore boy! She brings me a mirror and a razor while I'm breaking down the first half gram I should be able to bring back ten nice dimes($10 crack pieces) off of each half gram. while I'm chopping  she finishes putting together the pipes. I slide her over five dimes, she puts a nice size dime on the pipe strikes the lighter and hits the crack! As she hits the stem I can hear it crackle and  it smells sweet so I know its the bomb! She holding it in as she climbs out of here chair and straddles me, then she tries to kiss me, I turn away like hold up! She grabs me around my jaw puts her lips to mines and gives me a big shot gun! Woo it is good, I'm high and horny as shit all at the same time!

      I pick her  up and take her over to the couch peeling the spandex pink biker short and tank top off of her. Her body is amazing, sexy ass, red skin, thick ass thighs, hips and nice cup sized  breasts maybe a small D, but they're like rocks standing up by themselves! I gotta take a lick she's sensitive and easily turned on! My tongues got her going wild and her pussy is getting very wet ! I get out a magnum and dick her down good! Turn her around and start going crazy pounding her out good from behind until she cums, then her back got weak, legs started to quiver and collapsed under my weight after the orgasm. Then she rolls around and wraps her legs around me and asks me do I have a girl friend? "I say no and why?" She Says, "Cause you got some good dick" with a smile, a gasp of relief, and a little giggle!

    She gets up buck naked, damn that sweaty silhouette looks so good in the twilight. Walks over loads up both stems, walks back over, sits on my lap and lights it for me! It's my first whole hit to myself! I take the slow big hit all to myself! I hold it in as long as I can and I exhale. My hearts is racing, I get a enormous head rush and wave of euphoria! I'm stuck a little, damn this shit is good, I even drool a some! She ask me if I'm OK, as she take a hit exhales. Now I'm coming around, she lays me back setting me up for reverse cowgirl position with her back on my chest, reaching playing with my dick between her legs! Yeah, she can feel it I'm ready! I reach around her frame, cupping her breasts with my hands! She stretches holding a yawn of pleasure inside of herself but I know what it means she like how I touch her and its back on again......

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